Iceland Looking at Accepting More “Refugees” After Feminist Author Demands It

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 1, 2015

Awwwww, she's so pretty!
Awwwww, she’s so pretty!
And Iceland will be so pretty once it has more Syrians!
And Iceland will be so pretty once it has more Syrians!

You guys think I’m joking when I say that if you allow women to control society, they will collapse it on purpose.

They will actually do it on purpose.

This woman isn’t Jew.

The Telegraph:

Ten thousand Icelanders have offered to welcome Syrian refugees into their homes, as part of a Facebook campaign launched by a prominent author after the government said it would take in only a handful.

After the Icelandic government announced last month that it would only accept 50 humanitarian refugees from Syria, Bryndis Bjorgvinsdottir encouraged fellow citizens to speak out in favour of those in need of asylum. In the space of 24 hours, 10,000 Icelanders – the country’s population is 300,000 – took to Facebook to offer up their homes and urge their government to do more.

“I’m a single mother with a 6-year-old son… We can take a child in need. I’m a teacher and would teach the child to speak, read and write Icelandic and adjust to Icelandic society. We have clothes, a bed, toys and everything a child needs. I would of course pay for the airplane ticket,” wrote Hekla Stefansdottir in a post.

“I think people have had enough of seeing news stories from the Mediterranean and refugee camps of dying people and they want something done now”, Bjorgvinsdottir told Icelandic public television RUV.

The Icelandic government is now looking at increasing its refugee quota.

Listen to your females, goyim! They know what’s best for you!

For tens of thousands of years you didn’t do what they said and everything was always bad! Time to take their advice!