ICE Force-Feeds Detainees on Hunger Strike

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
February 1, 2019

There’s now irrefutable proof that there is more than one kind of rape. Nutritional rape in this case.

ABC News:

11 detainees at an ICE detention facility in El Paso, Texas, have been refusing food, some for more than 30 days, and six of the detainees are being force-fed per orders by a federal judge, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement confirmed Thursday.

An additional four other detainees are on a hunger strike at ICE detention centers nationwide — one each in the Miami, Phoenix, San Diego and San Francisco areas — bringing the number of detainees refusing to eat to 15 nationwide, according to ICE.

The Associated Press, the first to report the hunger strike, said as many as 30 are striking, per interviews with detainees, relatives and an attorney representing those on hunger strike. The hunger strikers are from India and Cuba, the AP reported, and some were so weak they can’t stand up or talk.

The detainees are on hunger strike because of verbal abuse and deportation threats from detention facility guards, as well as long detention periods prior to legal proceedings, according to the AP.

Two detainees first began a hunger strike on Dec. 30 and were ordered to undergo “non-consensual hydration/feeding” by a federal judge in Texas about two-and-a-half weeks later, according to ICE. Three more detainees began hunger strikes days later on Jan. 2 and four more began strikes on Jan. 5. On Wednesday, another two detainees joined the hunger strike, ICE said Thursday.

This is a terrible mistake. It’s a cultural misunderstanding.

You see, people in Cuba and India don’t eat as much as Americans eat.

They’re not on a hunger strike, they’re just not used to having so many meals, man. That Texas judge just wants to make more obese monstrosities for the American obese monstrosity army.

As you can see, Indians and Cubans are also raping the American border. The entire world thinks this is a big game, where they sneak in, get caught, get detention gibs, get released, roam free, get more gibs, and so on.

But this isn’t a motherfucking game.

They’ll soon find that out.

We just have to wake enough of our people up.