Ice Cube Points to the Jews as the Real Enemy of the Blacks, Gets Censored by Twitter, Mobbed by Media

As we all are acutely aware, whatever this thing that is going on with the blacks is, it is going to end up somewhere painfully dark. It is already painfully dark. The riots, the tearing down of statues, the whites worshiping them – this stuff has been foreshadowed back as far as 2012, when Barack Obama declared that Trayvon Martin was his lost son, but it is all coming to life now and it is truly brutal.

However, there are always bright spots in the darkness, because God has ordained it thus. This week we have a truly bright spot, as the rapper Ice Cube is trying to nudge his younger brothers away from this nonsensical anti-white crap and toward the real enemy.

Cube, who sang the best verses on the original “Fuck the Police” song by NWA in 1988, has begun a Twitter rampage against the Jews. He is of course black, so he’s not totally on point with whatever it is he’s trying to communicate, and he is definitely mixing Black Islam and Black Hebrewism together.

But hey, whatever – this is a showdown for the ages.

It appears to have began with a Tweet over the weekend when he posted a picture of a statue of King David that was placed in Jerusalem in the mid-00s where his face looks vaguely negroid and wrote “WE ARE THE CHOSEN PEOPLE.” The backlash from the Jews was immediate; in the comments section they began calling him an anti-Semite.

That alone should have raised a few eyebrows. The Jews go around everywhere calling themselves the chosen people, but blacks become “anti-Semites” if they do the same? What that appears to be communicating is that anyone who claims to be an equal of the Jews is evil. Any criticism at all of the Jews as a group or an individual Jew, no matter how warranted is labeled “anti-Semitism.” But nothing is being criticized if a black says blacks are the chosen.

Cube responded by calling one of the Jews whining a bitch and a Nazi.

Then, after several days of being irritated by these Jews, he posted the one thing you’re never supposed to post: the black cube.

The black cube is a symbol of Jewish satanism. They worship the planet Saturn (Satan), and they somehow knew, long before telescopes, that the planet Saturn has a hexagram on it (which science, presently, cannot really explain).

(Saturn’s hexagon was not discovered until 1981 and the Jews have been using the “Star of David” for over a thousand years. It sure would be a mighty fantastic coincidence if the Jews began worshiping this planet at the same time they began using the hexagram as their racial symbol accidentally. It almost seems like they had some intimate knowledge of astronomy before the advent of the telescope…)

Here’s an infographic if you’re looking for leads on this.

The Jews absolutely freaked out in the comments section.

One Jew woman even started talking about “my ancestors were turned into lampshades and soap by Hitler because rappers were posting about us worshiping Satan on Twitter…!”

Somebody made some calls, and Cube’s tweet was actually, literally blocked by Twitter.

As you can see in this tweet where The Atlantic Jew Adam Serwer calls Cube “stupid” (because Jews are allowed to be racist to blacks when they’re defending the interests of their tribe), the tweet is not visible when quoted after it has been censored in the above manner.

Of course, you can still see it if you click “I want to see it,” but this is a shot across the bow, warning him to back down if he doesn’t want to lose that Twitter account with the 5 million followers – and suffer God only knows what other consequences.

But the Jews should have known that this kind of intimidation doesn’t work on black people. After being censored, Cube continued to post about Jews, posting material from both the Black Hebrew Israelites and the Nation of Islam.

He even posted some esoteric anti-Semitism, calling out the Hollywood Jew “Warner” (Wonskolaser) Brothers.

And Jewish Paramount founder Adolph Zukor.

He then called out @jack directly over the censorship.

As a side note, he’s getting into esoteric kangz, which is cool.

(I’m not against the kangz stuff. I think it could be good for black people, keep them off the streets and so on. It doesn’t do any harm, and honestly, white people who attack blacks over kangz really just look like bullies. Everyone gets that they’re dumb, even the hardest core liberal gets that. The only question is how much you lie about it. This thing of people going nuts calling black people stupid is a bit like if you get up in your overweight cousin’s face on Christmas and keep saying “you sure are a fat bitch! Fatty fat fat fat little piggy,” and then kept yelling at the rest of your family, “hey, do you see how fat this bitch is! Look at her! It’s like a Christmas whale got beached in grandma’s living room!” The relatives would all probably say, “no, she’s not fat,” just like they say blacks aren’t dumb. Then they might say something like, “she’s just big boned,” just like they say black stupidity is caused by the education system. But surely, if after they politely refused to admit she was fat and you kept saying it as if you thought they couldn’t see what was right in front of their eyes, you would start to look stupid for not understanding that they were simply saying they couldn’t see her fat for reasons of politeness. So, whatever – let them be kangz. Who cares?)

After the black cube and the Twitter censorship, the media began reporting on this brewing brouhaha, calling Cube an anti-Semite. He’s in real deep now.

So, we’ve certainly got ourselves an interesting situation on the cooker here.

This video of Ben Shapiro having a breakdown over his tweets is quite possibly the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

Cube is well liked by the blacks, considered a founding father of rap music, and all of the pressure they put on him is going to end up blowing up in their faces. The blacks are in an extremely agitated state right now, and it would be very easy for a large group of them to start taking out that agitation on Jews.

This is really the only thing we can hope for in this situation with the blacks – that it ends up raising the levels of anti-Semitism in their community.

We can spread the word about black crime and black IQ and so on and so forth, and we should. At this point, I’m wondering if anyone who thinks – that is, is not an absolute normie – really is unaware of the fact that blacks are biologically prone toward violence, but yes, we can talk about that. But on the larger, strategic level, if we are sitting around talking about how much we hate blacks all the time, we really just look like bullies, because black people are kind of sad and pathetic. It’s also just sort of dumb to play into this thing where blacks are some kind of major threat – they are not a threat, they are a distraction. They are a weapon being wielded against us by the Jews. A gun is not a threat unless someone picks it up and aims it at you and pulls the trigger. Just so with the blacks, and the Jews that are pulling their triggers using the media, the government and Jewish-controlled black activist networks.

What would be strategically beneficial to us would be to have the blacks targeting their anger at Jews. That is never going to be precise, as it does seem impossible for most blacks to tell the difference between Jews and white people, but to whatever degree it is possible, it is beneficial.

Keep that in mind when you’re using your fake black person Twitter accounts to push our strategic white racial agenda.


I want to just briefly add here that if you go to Ice Cube’s Twitter, you will see as much anti-white material as anti-black material. But I wanted to draw attention to this tweet that caught my eye.

With regards to the fact there is a Confederate flag hanging in some diner, he calls it “devil,” meaning that he believes it to be the racist symbol that the Jews claim it as (whereas many Southern rappers don’t view it that way or don’t care), and he says “let them have it,” and this is a way of saying “this doesn’t concern us.”

I am fully convinced that black people do not have any agenda to stop white people from having their own spaces and doing their own thing. This idea of infringing on white people’s space is not something they do naturally. They are being used for this purpose by the Jews. It’s the Jews who invented busing, it’s the Jews who move section 8 housing into white neighborhoods. Blacks would not choose to go to white schools or neighborhoods on their own volition, as they have no interest in white people’s business unless it directly affects them.

If you look at all of the rest of his anti-white tweets (or the anti-white ramblings of any other black person), they are all about things that affect them directly.

Let’s go through a random selection of tweets.

Here he is talking about the (Jewish) owner of Starbucks using black prison labor, which directly affects blacks in that they’re being used to make money.

But mostly, it’s just a lot of stuff about cops. They view cops as white racial outsiders who come into their neighborhoods and mess with them. You can formulate whatever opinion you like on that issue, but that is their view, and it is something that directly affects them. (After this corona thing, I no longer have even a grain of sand’s worth of sympathy for the police, personally, so I don’t really care about this conflict, if it is taken as if it were in a vacuum.)

I think it would be very, very difficult to come up with something white people gain by putting resources into policing black neighborhoods.

When the blacks were rioting, they weren’t tearing down statues of white people – they were getting things they wanted from stores.

This stuff about tearing down statues, wanting places in white universities, wanting white people to bow to them – all of this weird and offensive stuff is invented by the Jews. They typically use mulatto females as their liaisons to the blacks.

Overall, his Twitter feed has a whole lot of PRO-BLACK material. There is more pro-black material than there is anti-white material, and that’s probably something that white people could learn from.

(Ancient Egyptian kangz foot fetishism made me lol.)

You can think I’m white knighting for blacks here. You can think whatever you want. I know many white Americans just hate black people and assume every possible negative thing about them is true, just because most of the negative things about them are true. That is understandable. But understand me: I’m not trying to defend the blacks, I’m trying to explain them so that we can strategize. Remember, brothers: this is about a strategic white racial agenda.

There is a common ground between white people and black people and that common ground is that we both want our own spaces. The other common ground is that it is Jews that are causing us strife.

For those of you thinking I’m defending the blacks: please, tell me a conceivable end game of just talking all the time about how much you hate black people. I’ll be here waiting for your explanation as to how that is going to come to a positive outcome as I formulate our stratagem.

The basic fact of reality is that the education period is over. Every thinker who is going to wake up to the truth has woken up to the truth, and now is the time for a political agenda. I’m sitting here on the Daily Stormer, where I can say anything I want about the blacks, and I will continue to do so, but what I’m talking about here is the larger picture and the strategic agenda of the white man.


He wants to bring down the Illuminati – another quite reasonable position.

And he’s talking about Marvin the Martian being a Jewish metaphor for the coming of a cosmic horror from Saturn.

I gotta admit, that’s actually a pretty good conspiracy theory which I in fact had not heard.