ICE Creates Fake University Honeypot for Illegal Pajeets, Makes Hundreds of Arrests

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
February 19, 2019

Building used as the fake university.

ICE continues to prove that they’re the only arm of the government actually defending the American people and the American people’s interests from illegal aliens and all kinds of shady foreigners.

They recently set up a massive honeypot that yielded more than a hundred arrests of smelly Indians.

USA Today:

In the summer of 2017, a foreign student in Michigan received an email from an official at the University of Farmington.

“It was a pleasure speaking with you,” university official Ali Milani wrote to the student from India. “Thank you for your recent interest in The University of Farmington, a nationally accredited business and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) institution. Here at the University of Farmington we have created an innovative learning environment that combines traditional instruction with fulltime professional experiences. We offer flexible class schedules and a focus on students who do not want to interrupt their careers.”

At the bottom of the email, it described the university as: “A nationally accredited institution authorized to enroll international students by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.”

The email and others like it were obtained by the Detriot Free Press, revealing how the university portrayed itself to potential foreign students. The email exchanges with Ali Milani –  who is described in a LinkedIn profile as the president of the University of Farmington –  show how the school in Farmington Hills, Michigan, may have lured students to enroll in a fake university set up by The Department of Homeland Security.

A federal indictment unsealed Jan. 30 said that the university was produced by federal agents with an investigative division of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), which is part of DHS. Federal agents posed as university officials such as “Ali Milani” to trick the students, say attorneys.

Federal prosecutors allege that more than 600 students enrolled at the university knew it was improper, but the emails and attorneys tell a different story.

In addition to the emails, federal undercover agents took other steps to manipulate the foreign students, according to public records and attorneys:

Undercover investigators with the Department of Homeland Security registered the University of Farmington with the state of Michigan as a university using a fake name.

At the request of DHS, a national accreditation agency listed the University of Farmington as being accredited in order to help deceive prospective students.

The university was also placed by federal investigators on the website of ICE as n university approved by them under a government program for foreign students known as SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Program).

“It seems quite clear the scheme was set up by the government not to go after legitimate offenders, but to create fear in our immigration system,” said Amer Zahr, an adjunct professor of law at the University of Detroit-Mercy and a spokesman for one of the 146 students who were detained by ICE. “They’re going after students who are trying to better their lives because America has the best education. This is who they’re choosing to go after? It’s really disturbing.”

Out of the 600+ students who were enrolled, 146 have been arrested and detained by ICE on civil immigration charges. All are from India except for Najlaa Karim Musarsa, 29, of Dearborn Heights, Michigan, who is Palestinian. She was released last week and went back to the West Bank.

In addition, prosecutors have charged eight people for being recruiters of the students, most of whom studied in engineering and technology fields. Five of them were arraigned in U.S. district court in Detroit last week and pled not guilty.

“It really shows a contempt for immigrants, Zahr said of the detaining of Musarsa and other students.

“She’s not a danger to society. She’s not trying to defraud. To treat her and others as hardcore criminals” is concerning, Zahr said. “They want to create fear, so nonwhite people, brown people don’t think of coming to America anymore.”

Adding to the confusion was a website that led viewers to think it was a legitimate place, with photos of students in classrooms and claims that students could work while enrolled.

“The University of Farmington is a nationally accredited business and STEM institution located in Metro Detroit,” read the university website created by DHS that was taken down the day after the indictments were unsealed. “Our innovative curriculum combines traditional instruction and distance learning with fulltime professional experiences. We offer flexible class schedules and a focus on students who do not want to interrupt their careers.”

It was a very well put together website,” said Russell Abrutyn, an immigration attorney in Berkley, Michigan, who is contact with some of the students. “It looked like a real school.”

“I think a lot of these students … were essentially taken advantage of or taken in by what appeared to be a legitimate school.”

This is funny and all but operations such as this one are really not effective measures of dealing with the demographic embrowning.

Until we have some kind of real policy redirection, the heroes of ICE are fighting a losing battle.

Breitbart released some exclusive pictures showing just how overwhelmed detention centers near the border are.


Leaked photos reveal the extent to which U.S. border facilities are being overwhelmed by the inflow of migrants from Central America and other nations. Breitbart exclusively obtained the photos that are reminiscent of the Obama-era border surge. The images depict a Customs and Border Protection (CBP) processing, detention, and transport facility at a U.S. port-of-entry in El Paso, Texas. According to the source of the images, the photos were taken on February 17, 2019.

We don’t have enough cats to play cat and mouse with these brown mice.

What we need to do instead is to stop the invasion from happening in the first place, which is what walls are for.

The concept works pretty well for Israel and it also works pretty well when applied to houses and other objects such as safe boxes. Walls just work. They’ve been proven to work all throughout history and they continue to be proven to work.

Everyone pushing for open borders has very closed private micro-borders. Their houses and properties are all protected by either walls or strong fences and in most cases by armed men.

Because it’s not actually about what they say it is about. It’s not about abolishing all private wealth.

It’s about white genocide.

…which is actually white men genocide because they intend white women to be absorbed by the brown blob of genes. Our women are expected to have sex with the invaders while our men are expected to masturbate to porn and innocuously live in solitude until they finally fade out.

The wall, along with further restrictions on legal immigration, and mass removal of people already here, can stop this globalist plot.