ICE Crackdown on MS-13 Only an Excuse to Kick out Brown People

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
November 22, 2017

We’re not kicking you out because you’re a criminal, Pedro. We’re kicking you out because of the color of your skin.

The great thing about the abject criminality of the colored hordes swamping our country is that it gives authorities a convenient excuse for kicking them out.

For example, if Mexicans were all hardworking and law abiding citizens, it would be harder to justify putting them in cargo trains and dumping them across the border wholesale – not that we shouldn’t still do it.

The good people at ICE have perfected the art of finding excuses to ethnically cleanse America, and the election of the Trump administration is really taking off the shackles they’ve had to deal with for the past decades. So now they can just go “yeah, this guy was probably a MS-13 member or whatever. Deport him.”

For some reason, the sick puppies at The Nation have a problem with that.

How is that a bad thing? Afraid we’ll go after chinks next, Julianne Hing?

The Nation:

In a July speech laden with violent imagery, Trump called MS-13 gang members “animals,” and told law-enforcement officers that gangs “have transformed peaceful parks and beautiful, quiet neighborhoods into bloodstained killing fields.” In October, Sessions addressed MS-13 gang members directly in a speech. “We will find you. We will devastate your networks,” he said. “We are coming for you. We will hunt you down.”

ICE’s Thursday announcement of Operation Raging Bull, as the initiative was dubbed, was clearly intended as a way of showing tough-on-crime follow-through on the Trump administration’s threats.And the arrests are significant. The Trump administration has clearly focused its law-enforcement resources on cracking down on MS-13.

But in its communications push this week, ICE inadvertently admitted exactly what critics have accused the Trump administration of: In order to make so many arrests, ICE collaborates with local law-enforcement agencies that stack gang databases with the names of people who not only are not gang members but who also pose no public-safety threat. But by leveraging the fearsome reputation of MS-13 as political cover ICE and collaborating law-enforcement agencies are able to identify, criminalize, detain, and eventually deport large numbers of immigrants of color.

In a CBS report that aired the morning ICE announced Operation Raging Bull, an ICE agent named Jason Molina admitted during a predawn raid on a supposed gang member that the only known crime the suspect had committed was being undocumented.

CBS correspondent Margaret Brennan’s ride-along report includes this stunning exchange:

“He entered the country illegally so—and then he went through the immigration process and a judge ordered him removed,” said Jason Molina, assistant special agent in charge.

“We know he’s an MS-13 member?” Brennan said.

“Yes. We have information, we have pictures of him actually flashing gang signs,” Molina said.

But gang membership is not a crime, and the agents did not have a criminal warrant. They only weapons they found were “either pellet guns or BB guns,” Molina said.

“Gang membership is not a crime.”

Seeing into the mind of a liberal is a frightening thing.

They’d justify allowing gang members illegally pouring across the border, just to push their anti-White agenda.

Not a crime, bigots.

But Molina’s team was still able to make the arrest based on the suspect’s immigration status—part of the unique mandate of the Homeland Security investigations unit of ICE. An hour later, they nabbed a second suspect. Molina said he is an MS-13 associate.

“So his known crime is entering the country illegally?” Brennan asked.

“Correct,” Molina said.

“But that’s it at this point, that’s all you definitely know?” Brennan asked.

“That’s correct. The purpose of classifying him as a gang member or a gang associate is because once he goes in front of an immigration judge, we don’t want him to get bail, because the whole point of this operation is to get these known gang members off the street,” Molina said.


These ICE agents are really on the ball, working the system to ensure maximum beaner removal efficiency.

God bless these men.

To recap: A 12-person law-enforcement team staged a predawn raid, without any criminal warrant, on a person whose only known violation was entering the country without authorization, and who was ultimately being arrested as a wanted gang member because photographs had surfaced of the suspect flashing “gang signs.” A second person, whom law enforcement had labeled a “gang associate,” was arrested only for the offense of being undocumented.

Sounds like government employees doing exactly doing what they’re paid to do, with impressive diligence and impeccable work ethic.  That’s a damn near miracle. And yet this horrible chink journalist somehow finds a way to whine about it? You’d think a liberal would use this as an example of why socialism can work. She must be some kind of libertarian ancap or something.

In any case, the idea that a sane country would allow illegal foreigners who throw up gang signs to remain there is completely unhinged, even without having a racialist worldview. I sure hope these people make more of these types of arguments, because it’s definitely going to drive the normies into our arms.

It shows so clearly that the liberal establishment has absolutely no concern for the safety and welfare of the population – how else could normal people interpret this, at an emotional level? Normies crave safety and normalcy. This is why they’re so reluctant to rebel against authority under normal circumstances. But now the “authorities” are openly saying that they have no problem with dangerous and hostile elements roaming around freely.

The people are thirsting for heroes to save them from this evil.

Luckily, we’re here.