ICE Bae is Not Hot, You Probably Have Mommy Syndrome

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 17, 2019

I didn’t want to do it, but I have to address the ICE Bae issue.

For anyone who somehow doesn’t know, this is the thing.

Fox News:

A female Border Patrol officer has gone viral — with social media users dubbing the woman #IceBae — on account of her dolled-up appearance.

“Holy s–t…I think I’m coming down with a case of undocumentation,” wrote @VibeHi on Twitter, who was one of countless users to share the BPD agent’s photo on Monday, along with a video she posted.

“#IceBae could detain me for however long she wants,” another said.

The female officer was providing security for Vice President Mike Pence during his recent border visit when she was photographed standing outside of a holding cell.

A Twitter account purportedly belonging to the woman surfaced early Monday and identified her as Kiara Cervantes, of Texas. A video was posted later in the afternoon, claiming the page was authentic.

“Just woke up…saw that I needed to make a video so y’all could believe that it’s me,” said the woman purporting herself to be Cervantes. “It’s me — I’m a Customs officer based in Texas and yeah, I don’t know what else to say.”

“This country is a mess, we are praising and trending #IceBae when she is literally a guard at a CONCENTRATION CAMP, guarding CHILDREN IN CAGES, RIPPING FAMILIES APART AT THE BORDER,” seethed one Twitter user. “You’re all sick, honestly.”

Another person said, “#IceBae is actively aiding in the internment of men, women, and children without trial or even so much as humane living conditions. She, along with every other officer going along with this is a traitor to the very ideas of justice and freedom.”

But Cervantes wasn’t paying any mind to her haters and instead focused on “the support” she’s been receiving.

“My job is so hectic at this moment but I am grateful,” she tweeted Monday night. “I love protecting my country! And I love my supporters!”

She has a Twitter account now that she’s found this celebrity.

But here’s what I need to say:

She is not hot, you guys.

Her face is actually just truly not very good at all.

Her tits look good in this garter-type bra.

But check her without the super bra.

Her tits are right about around her mid torso. That’s not where tits are supposed to be, guys.

So we’ve got two things going on here:

People want to promote ICE by saying “look there’s a hot chick locking up these wetbacks.” This is fine, okay, whatever. Good viral marketing, ICE.

But if you actually think she’s hot, then you are probably fetishizing her cop uniform, meaning you have some kind of femdom fetish.

Femdom fetish is a sign of mommy syndrome. If you have a femdom fetish, it is an expression of your desire to be dominated by fems. No sex fetish exists in a vacuum.

And the reason you would want to be dominated by fems is that you want their approval, which means you’re stuck in the mindset of an infant boy who needs approval from his mother to survive.

This is what all “game” and “pick-up artistry” is – mommy syndrome. These men spend all their time thinking about how to get women to have sex with them, because they desire the affirmation. If they were merely horny, they would just go to hookers like everyone did all throughout history when they were horny and didn’t have a sex partner.

Femdom, PUA, ICE Bae – these are all signs of the collapse of the masculine nature of the Western man, as we dive deeper into a Jewish, matriarchal system, where all power rests in the hands of women.

ICE Bae having the large-scale milkers is also a part of the mommy fantasy, because that is what men who are attracted to a woman with authority/power are thinking in their heads: “Milk from mommy or I will die, I must do everything she says, and do everything to please her.”

In these videos, ICE Bae even does a mommy voice and expresses approval to all the good boys.

So, if you’re promoting ICE Bae because it’s funny, then fine. It is very funny the way shitlibs are flipping out over this bitch.

But if you have actually developed a sexual fetish for a woman in a police uniform, you have femdom fetishism and mommy syndrome and you need to work on yourself and grow out of that. You need to realize that as a grown man, no woman should ever be above you, and no woman can ever be above you if you respect yourself. By the divine order of nature, all men are above all women.

Which is yet another reason we need our schools to be not only race segregated, but also sex segregated, with the boys only having male teachers. A big part of mommy syndrome disorder is from imprinting in the school years, when you have all these women who are not your mother and who are not providing you with milk telling you what to do.

Do not be ashamed if you are just now realizing that you do indeed have mommy syndrome. It’s okay. Most men have it. The important thing is to grow up and overcome it.