I Would Never Advise Anyone to Invest in Bitcoin

I give a lot of health and fitness advice. In fact, I’m working on a big diet article, which will be an update of my previous work in the field. There is nothing more joyful to me than hearing from readers who have lost weight using my programs.

I also advise people to become more religious and more spiritual, and to form a real relationship with Jesus Christ.

I advise people to show self-respect by wearing nice clothes and engaging in good hygiene and grooming.

I advise people to stay away from drugs – especially marijuana, opioids and other dangerous and addictive drugs, but also relatively harmless drugs like cocaine. I also advise people to be reasonable with their alcohol intake, while avoiding the Alcoholics Anonymous cult (“alcoholism” is not a disease, it is a behavior pattern).

I advise people not to listen to depressing music, and instead choose Motown, video game soundtracks or classical music.

I advise people against trusting women, and to never “fall in love,” and always be ten steps ahead of any bitch you are sexually involved with, ready to drop her at a moment’s notice. I advise that men keep all of their money secret, and always have a clear exit strategy for when things go south (and they will always go south, because women love destroying families).

While watching that bitch like a hawk and being ready to dip, I also advise people to be fruitful and multiply. Figure out ways that you can keep your children and protect them when that bitch eventually decides to dynamite your life. Don’t kill her – it’s not worth the prison time, which will ruin your children – instead figure out ways to manipulate her into killing herself or doing things that will cause the court to side with you.

I advise people to forgive their mothers and work through any anger issues they might have, because anger is a feminine and pathetic emotion carried by low quality men who lack self-control.

I advise people to never talk to the feds, under any circumstances, no matter what.

I advise people not to be openly and publicly involved with far-right politics, and to instead work within the framework of local politics without going full Nazi.

Above all, I advise people to move out of the cities.

The one thing I will never give is financial advice.

Although as a Citizen of the Internet, I am a self-identifying Bitcoin maximalist, I generally have avoided writing about Bitcoin, because I do not want to be perceived as giving financial advice. Of course, in recent weeks, Bitcoin has been such a big part of the news cycle that as a news site, I had no choice but to write about it.

However, having written about it, I just want to say: I am not advising people to invest in it. I am also not advising people to not invest in it. It is up to people to figure that one out themselves.

I Do Advise Familiarity

What I have advised, and will continue to advise, is that people get familiar with it. Get involved in it, so that you understand it.

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I am not personally sure that Bitcoin has bottomed. I think it may actually go somewhat lower than it is now, maybe down to $20,000. However, that is the short run. In the long run, with countries beginning to adopt it as currency, I think it is now indisputable that Bitcoin is inevitable. In the long run, the BTC/USD exchange rate means nothing, because Bitcoin will ultimately be worth infinity dollars.

So trying to do some “buy low, sell high” scheme is pointless. Yes, I’m sure people make money doing it, but it’s very risky and I’m sure very stressful. (No, I’m not just saying that because people doing that is so harmful to the market – I really do think it’s bonkers, kind of like the economic version of free solo.)

Moreover: you should give cryptocurrency to Tranny Watch.

Tranny Watch recently stopped accepting Bitcoin, because I was worried that someone was going to screw-up my instructions and get personally identified sending Bitcoin to the site. I want to protect you people, but I also don’t want to look like an asshole if someone gets caught. I was giving instructions on how to remain anonymous in sending us Bitcoin, but I knew not everyone was taking those instructions seriously, so we just stopped accepting it (yes, of course the old addresses still work if you are a long time donor who knows what you’re doing and has those addresses saved, but they are no longer on the site).

Instead, we accept the privacy coin Monero. Gloriously, the price of Monero has shot up since we started shilling it, and even with recent losses in the general crypto market, the coin is still doing very well.

In order to send Monero to the site, you are required to learn several things about cryptocurrency, which will make you more comfortable with using it yourself. I know of several individuals who got involved with crypto because they wanted to donate, and ended up making a lot of money in the process (good things come to those who do good things).

So, while making it clear that I am not Michael Saylor, I am not advising you to take out loans to buy Bitcoin, I do think if you are not involved at all, and don’t understand crypto, now is a very good time to get involved and learn how things work. It might go down tomorrow or next week, but at some point, it is going to blast off, and you are going to want to be ready to get involved. At some point, all of you will have to make payments with crypto, because you will not be able to physically carry the amount of dollars that it will take to buy things.

We are going into super-inflation and eventually hyper-inflation. The fed is now saying that inflation is “transitory,” while many in the Democrat Party are saying inflation is good.

Bitcoin has a network called “Lightning” which allows for fast small transactions at virtually no cost. Jack Dorsey is investing in an app that is going to make this super easy.

We are reaching a point where in the very near future, businesses are going to start preferring to be paid in Bitcoin, because the dollar is becoming worthless.

You can listen to fat, stupid boomers, who are literally so fat that the fat has gone into their brains and made them incapable of thinking clearly. They will tell you that Bitcoin is “fake money” and that “the government will never allow it.”

The government not allowing it was maybe an argument a few years ago. Now, there is so much infrastructure built up around Bitcoin, and there is so much confidence in it, and the dollar has become such a joke, that there is no possible way it could be banned without the government simply saying outright: “we are doing this because we want you to be poor.”

We are currently in the process of watching the government fail to stop Bitcoin.

Elizabeth Warren is out there shilling for the international Jew banks under the guise of trying to change the weather (she wants to turn the entire earth into a solid sheet of ice).

She is trying to turn Bitcoin into a partisan issue. But I listen to the podcasts, I follow the sites, and there are a lot of left-leaning people in Bitcoin. They believe in the global warming hoax, but they say the obvious: most Bitcoin mining is done with renewable sources, and now that the media is shilling this hoax as a way to attack Bitcoin, more of the mining is going to go renewable.

Warren knows she is lying. She is just a tyrant who wants to control people’s lives. That is what socialism/communism is, it’s what it has always been, and it is only because millennials are fat, stupid, feminine and lazy that this gibberish has gained any traction at all.

Cryptocurrency allows men to do what men throughout history have always wanted to do, what they are biologically driven to do: work, produce, create and be rewarded for their effort.

There was never a “problem with capitalism.” There was a problem with the government colluding with banks and corporate lobbies to use the financial system to screw the working and middle class and centralize wealth and power in the hands of a very small number of people.

Ironically, socialists like Warren more or less openly support this system of billionaire/corporate/government rule, while only hiding behind a thin veil of a plan to turn the world into a solid sheet of ice by shutting off electricity.

Every minute that Warren spends attacking the People’s Money, the Currency of the Internet, she is not attacking billionaire criminals and Wall Street crooks who looted the country – enabled by the Federal Reserve system she is shilling for. It is difficult to imagine any human on earth being a bigger fraud than the fake Indian and Trve Aryan Princess Liz Warren.

After the global warming question is off the table, Warren will have to simply say: “I want you to be a slave to international bankers who are looting you through inflation.” I don’t think that will go over very well.

The window on global warming hoaxery is closing just as quickly as the rest of the windows, and we are looking at a future where Bitcoin is real currency.

So: I’m not giving investment advice.

But you would be an idiot to not figure out the way cryptocurrency works, and get ready for the coming adoption of Bitcoin as currency.

The best place a novice can start is with my guide on how to donate to Tranny Watch: Support the Daily Stormer Tranny Watch: How to Buy and Send Monero.

In learning how to buy and send Monero, you go through the entire process of Bitcoin and the general concept of cryptocurrency. Also, you should be doing this anyway to donate – if you read this site every day and don’t donate, then that is STEALING. (Yeah, I get it if you’re broke, but you should still send something – it is honestly just exhausting that so few people send anything.)

Once you’ve gone through the process of donating, you will have a pretty firm grip on using crypto, and you will be confident using it – and, if you choose, investing in it – in the future.