I Would Fu– I Mean, I Would Vote for This Cortez Bitch

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
September 17, 2018

I want to make this very clear. Nice and translucent as crystal.

I would vote for this Cortez bitch in an instant.

She won my heart recently with her glamour shoot in New York.

Here she is with some nigger.

I cropped him out and made her my wallpaper.



Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is not letting the criticism of her photo shoot look go unnoticed.

Talk of her too posh clothes has sparked a lot of talk in conservative circles lately.

During a segment on Fox and Friends on Saturday, the hosts joined in the slamming of the congressional candidate for wearing an expensive outfit during a photo shoot.

“And then there is this. The rising star of the Democratic Party has expensive tastes for a socialist,” guest host Katie Pavlich said.

This fat bitch is just jealous of a finer looking woman. If we were in a bar type setting type scenario, I’d intentionally spill my drink on her to get her out of the room, into the bathroom and out of my way so that I could swoop in on Cortez.

She continued on: “For a photo shoot for Interview Magazine. Her pant suit — appropriate — retailing more than $2,800 alone. And the shoes $600 bucks.” 

They’re just jealous. Because, let’s be real, she look fabu, dont’shee?

And all these cucks calling her out for looking good? 

Looking fine and in charge? 

What is wrong with these people?

Are socialists supposed to walk around New York in potato sacks? I call BS on that.

Furthermore, poor people are poor because they spend all their money on flashy clothes. A champion of the people won’t get any respect from…

… without splurging on their wardrobe. Them’s just the facts. If anything, it’s the rich people that try to dress modestly to hide their wealth. A subconscious defense mechanism to prevent the poor people from ripping off their limbs and eating them, clearly.

Seriously, ever see the Brooks Brothers catalog?

It’s the most innocuous-looking thing you’ve ever seen. It screams, “I’ve got family heirlooms worth a small fortune hidden behind a painting at my summer house on the lake/bay/ocean, so if you kill me, you’re set for life.”

If anything, the people making fun of Cortez are being snobs.

Yes, I said it! 

And it triggers my protective instinct for this crazy diamond in the rough, beset on all sides by the posh, sneering East Egg folks.

And the fact that Senorita Cortez and her brown cohort threaten to render the entire Democratic party unelectable in the general election with her Brown Communism in America ™ platform is just an added bonus.

Not only do you help my political aims, but you also won over my heart.

Women like that are rare. I call dibs on her.

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