I Wish They Would Hit These Rioters with a Heat Ray

Shocking revelation from whistleblower: when violent communists organize in your capital with the stated objective of overthrowing the government, you need to be prepared to use any means necessary to put them down.

New York Times:

Hours before law enforcement officers violently cleared protesters from a square outside the White House in June, a top military police officer sought out weaponry like powerful sound cannons and a device that “causes targets to feel an unbearable heating sensation,” an Army National Guard major told lawmakers in written testimony.

The major, Adam DeMarco, an Iraq war veteran who serves in the District of Columbia National Guard and was called in to enforce the crackdown on protesters, told House lawmakers last month that he had received an email from a top law enforcement official at the Defense Department asking if the Guard was equipped with sound cannons or a nonlethal heat ray, known as the Active Denial System, or A.D.S.

“A.D.S. can provide our troops a capability they currently do not have,” the officer wrote, according to Major DeMarco’s testimony, first reported by The Washington Post. “The A.D.S. can immediately compel an individual to cease threatening behavior or depart through application of a directed energy beam that provides a sensation of intense heat on the surface of the skin. The effect is overwhelming.”

Major DeMarco also said that federal officials stockpiled “approximately 7,000 rounds” of live ammunition in the hours before the clash, transferring the munitions from as far as Missouri and Tennessee to the nation’s capital.

The Guard ultimately did not have either device, Major DeMarco said. But the exchange, including the previously unreported disclosure that top military officials sought out controversial military-grade equipment, provides a window into the law enforcement response toward the peaceful demonstrators who had gathered outside the White House to protest the killing of a Black man, George Floyd, while in police custody in May in Minneapolis.

A Defense Department official told The Post that the inquiries were “routine inventory checks to determine what equipment was available.”

In an interview on Wednesday night, David H. Laufman, the lawyer representing Major DeMarco, dismissed that characterization.

“This was an official inquiry made by a Department of Defense official into the availability of a heat ray to use against American citizens peacefully expressing their First Amendment rights,” Mr. Laufman said. “There is nothing ‘routine’ about giving serious consideration to using such a device against our fellow citizens peacefully demonstrating in the streets of our nation’s capital.”

None of this stuff was used, so the fact that they thought about using it is completely irrelevant, and simply showed that they were prepared for all outcomes.

What the Washington Post and the New York Times are telling you is that it would be better to allow the government to be violently overthrown than to harm one hair on the precious little head of a black person. Of course, if a Democrat was in office, it seems they would be likely to have a different impression of the situation.

By the way, these weapons systems have been available to police across the country for decades. In 2004, Alex Jones went to the RNC in New York City and documented that they were being used by the NYPD.

Here’s the clip.