I Wish I Could Tell You How Bad This is Going to Be

A reader who understands the economic situation has offered a bit of crucial insight into just how this economic collapse is going to develop in the coming months:

The challenge is to simplify what’s happening so that the average American with a 9th grade reading comprehension can understand it.

During the last 30 years, we were basically living on our credit cards: shipping off our industry abroad and then using our debt-based money to pay others to do the work and sell us their stuff. At home, we built a system that imports everything from abroad or are service jobs like restaurants. This created a fragile prosperity that depended on always going further in debt and always having foreign countries accept our money.

The system overcame the 2008 crisis, which was due to a small portion of people not paying their mortgages, which set off a domino fall in everything. This occurred because people saw their houses as worth less money and stopped spending while banks saw losses on their loan collateral and stopped lending. The solution was to print enough money and buy up everything that was falling in value so people would spend and banks would lend again. It worked well because the 2008 problem required a solution that this system can easily provide.

This time is different. Now dollars are being printed at increasing rates, but less stuff is being made. The stuff that was made before the flu hysteria is being bought. More dollars are chasing less stuff. This means the value of the dollar is diluted. However, it doesn’t have an immediate effect because many newly printed dollars are just sitting in bank accounts and we still have stuff to sell in warehouses. Lots of companies and individuals have debts that must be paid in dollars, so there’s a demand for them despite all the printing. Also, prices are sticky because everyone expects a return to normalcy and people still expect to pay a certain amount for a certain thing. Later they’ll react when the stuff gets hard to find, and the only people still selling it are “price gouging”. For these reasons, the dollar’s fall won’t be immediate and the dollar could even rise in value before plummeting.

This system was not designed for self-sufficiency. There aren’t small farms for everyone to return to like in the 1930s. The State must keep printing dollars to support people or there will be mass-disorder. However by printing dollars and showing weakness, they’re demonstrating to our overseas trading partners that they can just keep their stuff for themselves rather than sell it to us. A country this scared of losing a few old people isn’t going to risk nuclear war to force others to keep supplying us. As these foreign countries see the dollar losing value, they’ll unload their dollars as well, creating an avalanche.

At this point the dollar system will confront a crossroads: the Fed will have to offer dollar credit lines to all businesses in all the world, and all foreign political and business authorities will have to bow down to the US and become modern slaves or the dollar system will fragment and the purchasing power of it will collapse. The American empire will experience a loss of power faster and greater than the fall of the USSR and with much more human suffering.

Basically, look at your body, and consider that this is all that you are going to have this time next year. All of the property, the savings, the things you collected – that is all now valueless. You are effectively going to be dumped naked into an entirely new world, where nothing that you built before will matter, save for the man you’ve built yourself into.

I hope you took my advice and got in good physical shape, and stayed away from female blood-suckers. If you have a female parasite attached to your neck now, my advice is to quash that. A woman is likely to suck all of the lifeforce out of you in the early phases of the apocalypse.

Tell that bitch to run to her daddy the Government, and let them take care of her. She chose the system as her first love, let her have it.

We will have the road, by motorcycle or by horseback.

I can guarantee you, that bitch you have now is nothing compared to the bitches we’re going to get once the apocalypse really starts rolling. Our raiding parties will simply take the sluts we want, and the girls will thank us for the kidnappings, for it is better to ride with our caravan as sex slaves than be left to fend for themselves amongst the hordes of brownskinned cannibals.

Primarily, what you are going to need is a good rifle, a good sidearm, and a crew to ride with across the cursed wastelands of burned out America.

If you’re not ready for a kill or be killed situation, then I’d advise you to flee as far into the wilderness as you can right now.

Those of you who plan to stay among the masses will need to harden yourselves, rapidly.

What you are going to have in the coming months is a totally and completely wrecked nation, with tens of millions of homeless, food shortages, martial law, government bunkbeds, government soup, FEMA camps, kill lists, riots and everything else you can think of from your favorite and least favorite science fiction dystopia films.

From there, things will progressively spiral, over a period of one to three years, until parts of the country begin to break off, as areas become ungovernable, as the federal government loses the ability to manage their own martial law forces, who will function as a brutal gang. Religious cults will be big, as will criminal gangs. Most other forms of social organization are going to fall away.

The Mexicans will be organized, because they already have a solid criminal organizational structure with the cartels, and that structure will pour across the border, and manage all aspects of the Latin community in America, which makes up nearly a third of our population at this point. That is going to be your race war right there, because these fellas are going to be brutal.

The blacks are just going to be confused, and begging the government for help by rioting because they don’t have the things that they want. Blacks are incapable of organizing successfully on any kind of scale, as their entire history demonstrates. You don’t have anything to worry about with the blacks. I wouldn’t even say to avoid individual blacks, because you know they are not part of a group. If some based black guy wants to join your crew, just tell him he’s going to have to take point on the caravan. He’ll be grateful, and you’ll be able to save your own guys from having to ride point.

The federal forces will have cleared out completely by 2024, and quite possibly earlier.

The primary dynamic across most of the country is going to be white road gangs, backed up by fortified rural compounds that are used as bases of operations for the raiding network, versus Mexican drug gangs, which will form a more competent government than the official US government, just like they’ve done in Mexico. The fed troops will be largely made up of Latinos, and will begin cooperating with the cartels. They will begin cooperating to allow or to actually incite black riots, in order to weaken federal rule.

The cartel network will serve as the impetus for the disillusion of the federal authority, as it retreats to the Northeast, where it will reshape and probably continue to exist for several more decades in a Mega-City One type state.

The rest of the country is going to be up for grabs – and the Mexicans are the grabbers.

The Mexicans and your raiding caravans.

That is all that will exist, from California to the mountains of Pennsylvania.

There are certainly worse possible futures.

Remember that during this interim period, things are going to be worse than they will be after the full collapse. You just have to ride out the couple of years of surreal confusion, and look towards the future, when you can take to the road. During this interim period, a lot of people are going to tell you things will eventually go back to normal, and you’ll have a certain desire to believe them. But you cannot believe them, because they are wrong. Nothing is ever going back to normal. You need to use that time to get used to having nothing.

My core piece of advice is this: network with other white people as much as you possibly can. This collapse is going to clear out a lot of trash, but trash will still exist in the post-apocalyptic world we’re preparing to enter. Hard hierarchies will exist and you need to make sure that you or people you trust completely have enough influence to sway the decision-making process of the hierarchies.

We have to build a network to rival the cartel network if we hope to win this war, and for that we need leaders who are driven by a genuine will to power, which will come with the establishment of a new order over a period of decades. We do not need control freaks or perverts in positions of power within our structure.

For the masses you will rule over, you need to inspire trust, and let them know that you are building a new America, with the rule of law. Your power as a raider-gang authority comes from these masses of living peasants respecting you and believing you have what’s best for them in mind. Occasionally, you will need to demonstrate brutality, but do so sparingly.


Trust Jesus. Make peace with death. Try to stay loose and relaxed. Never stare at a dead body. Most importantly: don’t ever let anyone see your weaknesses.

You’ll do fine.

We’re all going to be fine.

As long as I’m alive, I’ll be here writing, and there will be ways to access it. We are going to keep the internet on, even when the cities all burn down.