I Wish Donald Trump was Going to Take Away Everyone’s Health Insurance

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 27, 2019

Just as I wished all of those stories about Donald Trump secretly being a Nazi were true, I wish that he was going to actually take away everyone’s health insurance.

Firstly, old people are already taken care of.

So only three kinds of people need health insurance:

  1. Fat people
  2. Women
  3. Cancer children

Government health insurance is simply yet another plot to redistribute wealth to the weakest, most pathetic and most useless people on earth.

Socialism is a system for the weak. Show me a person who isn’t pathetic who supports socialism.

I want a system where only the strong survive.

Where Apache UFC fighters are given medals for beating the shit out of their whore porn star girlfriends, instead of being wrongly imprisoned.

If you’re so pathetic you need a doctor to solve your health problems, then nature should be left to deal with you using her own devices.

Instead of giving fat people free health care, I want to force them to fight one another to the death for my amusement. I want to cleanse the earth of fat people and children with cancer.

Who would win in a death match: a 300 pound man, or ten repulsive bald children with leukemia?

I want to know.

You might even say I would make a wish to see that fight.

But I never will know.

Because Donald Trump won’t take any fat piece of shit’s health insurance. He’s not going to force any bald cancer children to fight to the death for your amusement. This man is sending billions to spread man-on-man anal sodomy in Africa.

I would prefer Pastor Ssempa was president.

You think Blormf is going to let some fat slob keel over and get himself out of our misery?

Not likely.

He’s probably going to up the funding to the sickening cancer children just like he is trying to save retards from being exterminated.