I Watched Some Conservative Vet on Rumble…

I watched most of a video from a marine doing a conservative talk show on Rumble.

The host, Graham Allen, is about my age – late thirties – and a former marine. He’s from Mississippi and is jacked with tattoos.

This is peak normie.

I watch these sorts of things at random, just to see what we’re working with in terms of the American normie population.

At one point, he says that the Taliban are “not people,” they are “tribal, savage, primitive monsters.” I am left looking at him, my fellow white man, with his thick tattooed arms, and wishing that he was a “tribal, savage, primitive monster.” We would be in a much better position as a nation if that were the case.

Anyway, I see that these sorts are sort of kinda coming our way on some issues. He’s a former marine, so he’s obviously against the war, and supported ending it. He also said that when Joe Biden bombed “ISIS-K,” that all he did was just bomb some random family so as he could say he did something.

He reads out the results of the Biden pullout – the things these Taliban have gotten.

Honestly, I didn’t watch the whole show, but the guy seems to be anti-vax. He’s definitely pro-freedom, generally.

After saying that all of this stuff that is happening is on purpose, he says: “the answer is… we just have to start over.”

I think that as boomers die out, we’re moving into a better position in every way. I’m sure this guy, Graham Allen, would say “I don’t care about race.” But I’m also sure that he wouldn’t die to defend multi-racialism, and if someone was in charge who he respected who said it was time to do something about the race problem, he would nod his head.

Maybe not him specifically. He as a specific person may have been bought off by Fox News and whoever else, and be ready to die for gay anal transsexuals. I don’t know. But his entire schtick represents a group of people, and I do not see this group of people as having the diehard anal, feminist, and multicultural values of the baby boomers.

I think that this whole vagino-anal-negro ideology, at least on the right-wing, begins and ends with the baby boomers. Younger people might be carrying the torch, but I don’t think they’ve ever thought about it. I think that if you go to these people and say, “yeah but what about white people though???” they will say, “Hey! That’s a good question! What about white people???”

That hardline philosophy of boomerism is specific to the boomers.

I’m hopeful about the future.

I think the biggest problem is that a lot of these people are still tied up in the whole Trump thing. That is just whatever it is. But I also think that Trump’s devotion to this vaccine is going to be his undoing. He got booed for shilling the vax at his latest rally. This is a line that normies are not going to cross for him. No one wants this vax.

Anyway, the people who took the vax are likely to start dying over the course of the next 4-5 years, and we’re going to be left with what we’re left with.

I hope they start dying sooner.