I Think I’m Cool with Trading a Wall for Pelosi’s Army of Electronic Dogs

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 25, 2019

Nancy Pelosi may actually be more hardcore than we think.

She is against building a wall because she knows that if a wall is built Trump will win in 2020 and if it isn’t he will lose in 2020.

However, she is promoting some kind of… robot dogs to hunt down wetback filth who try to infiltrate us.

When I think of electronic dogs hunting down and ripping apart disgusting spic children, I’m like “yeah fuck a wall, let’s do that instead – quickly.”

A lot goes through my mind when I think of robot dogs, but the primary thing is that Black Mirror episode with the electronic dog.

I think that’s probably what Pelsoi was thinking of, because this is definitely the most prominent cultural representation of a hunter-killer electronic dog.

Now, imagine that nasty sonovabitch taking out Double-Pregnant Elsa and her diaper babies.

It’s a lot better mental picture than that fat bitch and her diaper spawn simply walking up to a wall and standing there and looking at it.

From what I’m hearing, Trump wants a peaceful solution while Pelosi apparently wants a brutal science fiction dystopian bloodbath.