I Sure was Wrong About Black Panther

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 10, 2018

I pride myself on not making hard predictions, generally. But sometimes I do make hard predictions.

I hard-predicted Black Panther, an all-black film, would hard-flop like the all-girls Ghostbusters remake flopped.

Even more than I pride myself on not making hard predictions, I pride myself on being able to admit when I am wrong.

And I was sure wrong about Black Panther.

As of right now, that negro film is – not adjusted for inflation – one of the most profitable films in American history.

Of course, the inflation makes a big difference – ticket prices have been rising super-fast over the last decades.

Here it is on the domestic gross list with inflation adjustment.

The Jewish media is only hawking the non-inflation-adjusted numbers, for obvious reasons.

But still.


A lot of Americans watched this film.

So I was very, very wrong.


What I would like to think is that this was just a really good action movie. That despite the fact it was all blacks and ultra-politicized and so on, the fighting scenes and expositions just looked really cool.

But I’m hearing that isn’t even true. I’m hearing the action scenes were limited, and the CGI was sub-par.

So that means that people only watched the movie because:

  1. They read the reviews, which were all praising it as the best film ever made (for political reasons), or
  2. It was important to them to socially signal and/or alleviate white guilt by watching this film and talking about how they watched it

So that is a sad commentary about where America is at in 2018.

The award winning film is about sex with a fish, the top-grossing film is about “We Wuz Kangz fo Rill.”

I am not amused.

At this point, there is probably a high quality torrent of it available, so because that is legal in my country (Nigeria), I am probably going to have to check it out and write a review.