I Spy Your Anus: CIA Goes Full Anal

It is fitting and to be expected that the intelligence services would be filled with extreme “sexual minorities.”

For the most part, perverts are the only people you’re going to be able to get to work for this system.


A recruitment ad for the Central Intelligence Agency featuring a smorgasbord of woke buzzwords has been ruthlessly mocked on social media, with many accusing the spy agency of using ‘diversity’ to airbrush its shady dealings.

The CIA apparently wants Americans to know that despite its history of toppling democratically elected governments and operating torture ‘black sites’, it is still very much an equal opportunity employer. 

In a promotional video for the agency, an employee explains how she “used to struggle with imposter syndrome,” but later rejected the “patriarchal ideas” holding her back, realizing that she “earned her way in” to the agency.

“I am a woman of color. I am a mom. I am a cisgender Millenial who has been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder. I am intersectional but my existence is not a box-checking exercise,” the woman states as ambient string music plays in the background, coupled with footage of her walking around her office and doing other inspiring things. 

Describing herself as a “proud first-generation Latina and officer at CIA,” the woman explains that she won’t apologize for “intoxicating” people with her “brilliance.” In the ad she is shown wearing a t-shirt with a female gender symbol containing a raised fist.

The video also shows some of the accolades that she has won for her excellent service at the agency, including the “Donald R. Cryer Award for Diversity and Inclusion.” Cryer played an integral role in spearheading the agency’s diversity programs, and was dubbed a CIA “trailblazer” by former director John Brennan in 2014.

I’ve only been intoxicated by a woman’s brilliance once, and thankfully, she was respectful enough to apologize for doing that to me.

Ask yourself: What has this globalist system provided?

Well, not much.

Mostly, this system has taken things away – freedom, order, personal identity.

It has provided:

  • Welfare to brown people
  • Unlimited drugs
  • Unlimited sexual perversion

A few brown people might be competent, but if they are they likely would not want to serve this system, and would rather make money elsewhere.

Drug addicts are obviously useless.

Basically, sexual perverts are the only ones that might be capable of performing some function.