I Need a New Work Computer. Please Contribute.

For the last couple of months, people have been sending some more donations, and the site has not been operating at a severe deficit likeitwas allof last year. I want to thank everyone for that.

However, it’s still ultra-tight in termsof money here, and there isn’t room for mistakes such as if someone spills a gin tonic on your keyboard and then the spacebar stops working on one side and so you have to keep your thumb in the middle of the computer but it just keeps on wanting toslideback to the rightside and then you’re missingyourspaces.

Unfortunately, that has happened to me. Furthermore, the gin appears to have damaged the insides of the computer, because it’s running slow. I thought at first it was just drunk, butno.

Basically, I need a new computer, and though the money technically exists to go buy one, it makes me nervous to draw that money from reserves given that the site could soon be facing a total financial crisis.

You people are the only way I can get money, you understand. This is a fully reader-supported site. At various times, I’ve done contract work, writing things for other people, but over the last years I’ve really tried to focus on the site and just hoped for the support I need.

When the spacebar first broke, I kidnapped a kid and sold him on Wayfair, but he was black so they only gave me $60.

It is truly humiliating to be in the position I am in as a much-copied artist, and for it to create weeks of extreme stress when my computer breaks, then to have to go beg again like this.

But it is what it is.

I chose this path, chose to get run out of my home country and be broke for life in order to stand up for what I think is right and just.

So, I’m asking for money to buyacomputer.

This spacebar thing is giving me an absolute complex, and must be affecting the quality of my work. Imagine trying to hold your right thumb right in the middle of the spacebar.

This is our bitcoin address:


You can also scan this QR code:

If you don’t use bitcoin yet, please see my guide, which is amazing and which even old people have managed to successfully follow.

Please send me a lot of money immediately, and also keep doing that in the future.

Just so people know: no one sends small amounts. Very few people. So if you are rich, and you think that what we’re doing here is important, send large amounts of money.

I don’t want to moan too much here, but while I’m dealing with only being able to click the spacebar on one side, I can only chew on one side of my mouth because of discount dental work I had done. At some point I’m going to have to get that fixed, but I don’t want to spend the money. This is the kind of life I’m living, after having been run out of my home and never allowed to see my family again.

I just think people should probably understand that. Again, they were my decisions, and I regret nothing, but I really would think there would be more support than there is. It’s actually shocking.

Again: I do want to thank those who do send money. Really. It has been encouraging over the last months, as it has gone up, I think because people have appreciated the new angles.

But know that you who do send are in a tiny minority of the readership, which is literally millions of people, even after all the bannings. You all know you can’t get this kind of information anywhere else. I was just thinking about the way I laid out the situation of the nature of democracy, or even the way I broke down that whole Hong Kong thing – and this is stuff that I am not being anything but honest when I say cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Sometimes it’s unclear to me if people understand just how unique it is to be able to read this kind of information, or how many other outlets would be affected if I stopped writing. I guess I comfort myself by assuming that people must not understand, or else they would take the 15 minutes to send me some money.

Just think about the fact that I was the only person saying that coronavirus was a hoax, then eventually everyone realized it. But why did they realize it? Do you think if this site didn’t exist, pushing that information, they ever would have realized it? I don’t know.

Did you know that in 2013, I was the only person pushing information about Jews with any coherence? How many people talk about that issue now for no other reason than that I pushed it to the top of the agenda? I don’t know.

What about the Donald Trump meme agenda? Jewish think tanks blamed me for getting Donald Trump elected. How much of that is on me? I don’t know.

Ihate to say it. I really do. And I don’t say it. I’m not sure I’ve ever said it, nor do I ever plan to. But at some point, it needs to be said: this website has completely changed the world and it continues to do so.

Hopefully, I’ll be appreciated after I’m dead, at least.

For now, I just hope I can get a new computer so Icanreturn my right thumb to its rightfulplace.