I Meant How Did de Blasio Become Mayor

I wrote yesterday about the downfall of Andrew Cuomo, and there was this bit:

De Blasio has been doing these attacks long before the release of the AG report which claimed to have found that Cuomo molested 11 women. Frankly, it’s clear at this point that de Blasio is serving as someone’s attack dog. I don’t know how the hell this weird man ever became the governor, but he’s definitely not going to hold any office that high ever again, so he doesn’t really have anything to lose.

“Governor” should have been “Mayor.” Although it should have been clear by the context that I had switched the words up, as happens often in my writing, which often feels like an endless daze – where my sole job is to stare at the screen until the fingers start tap-dancing across the keys, and words start to bring themselves forth from the ether – to clarify: I was talking about Bill de Blasio, who is a genuinely weird sonovabitch.

If this man moved in the house next to yours with his posse of negroes, you’d assume that the whole lot had escaped from a circus, and you’d immediately put your home up for sale before he brought ruin upon the property values of the entire neighborhood.

Conversely, Cuomo is not really very weird. He’s a pretty standard mobbed-up Italian sadomasochist from New York City.

Moreover, his mobbed-up grease pipe father was also the governor.

Cuomo is not only not that weird, he actually stands out as conspicuously benign and old fashioned amidst the current landscape of hostile freaks.

If you walked into a bar and found a gaggle of Jews committing a blood sacrifice, mulatto witches cackling in the nude and shaking their fatty sacks of flesh, a group of homosexual men singing about how they’re going to rape your sons, and an aggressive Italian with Mount Rushmore facial features stewing in a puddle of his own grease, which one would you sit down next to?

We live in a cesspit, and Andrew Cuomo’s slime smells like a fresh spring breeze coming in off the Hudson Bay.

It is possible and in fact probable that Cuomo is being ousted on trumped-up grope charges for the mere fact that he is too normal, too much of a throwback to the last century. The fact that he looks like Neanderthal man only serves to remind people that despite his fanatical support for abortion, feminism, and this inexplicable virus hoax, he is still what he is: an old white man.

I should mention that there are rumors that this entire hoax is a hit by Kamala Harris, who is attempting to ensure that she has no challengers in 2024. Joe Biden won the 2020 Democrat primary with ease, so it is likely that an utterly corrupt and sexually perverse but otherwise normal old white man would be able to repeat that feat in 2024.

Remember that Kamala herself dropped out before the voting even started, and now sits as the single most unpopular figure in the history of national politics. If anyone managed to mount a challenge against her in 2024 without being whacked, the DNC would be unable to rig the primary hard enough to swing it her way.

Kamala planning the whole thing would also serve to explain why de Blasio is going so apeshit attacking Cuomo. I’m certain that Bill has his own personal vendetta against Andy, having no doubt been repeatedly abused and humiliated by the barbaric wop – but his aggressiveness seems forced.

Although I have no dogs in this fight, I’ve found myself, quietly and against my own will, rooting for Cuomo. He is truly a villain, having been one of the key hoaxers behind the virus scam – but he is nonetheless swaying my sympathies will his total refusal to cooperate with the entire Democrat Party, every member of which is calling for his resignation.

It’s quite possible he could run again and win, if he just continues to stonewall the haters.

The election is next year, so if he wins that, it’s just a hop and a skip to the White House – or more likely to an unfortunate suicide by falling in the shower.

We might be heading to a point at which there won’t be any more elections. But until we get to that point, the elite are going to keep dangling opportunities in front of these shills, in order to ensure that they continue to cooperate with the system.