I Keep Telling You People: Do These Fliers on Campuses

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 22, 2017

I keep telling you people: if you do the campus fliers, you can cause so much madness involving so many hundreds of people that you just can’t even believe it.

Just for the cost of a few pieces of paper and a roll of scotch tape – which totals under $5.

You all need to be doing this on every university campus in your vicinity.

It is not illegal and you cannot get in trouble (unless it is your own campus – don’t do it on your own campus).

Press of Atlantic City:

Hundreds of Stockton University students, along with faculty and staff, joined in a rally in response to white supremacist flyers posted on the campus over the weekend.

Inside the Campus Center on Thursday, students held signs that read,”I stand for love and unity,” and “White supremacists aren’t welcome here.”

“If three people can come to this campus and spread hate, let hundreds upon hundreds smother it out,” Mahalia Bazile, president of Stockton’s Unified Black Student Society, said to the crowd.


You mean let HUNDREDS amplify it and turn it into a national media spectacle!

Something that took one guy like 35 minutes!

And which you have made look like there is a massive army of underground NEO-NAZI WHITE SUPREMACISTS with your response!


The rally, called Unite Against Hate, was quickly organized by members of the Student Senate after news of flyers and stickers featuring “alt-right” messages and the logo for the white supremacy group Identity Evropa were found on the Galloway campus.

Student Senate President Victoria Dambroski said she woke up Monday surprised by the news and immediately felt uncomfortable. “The Student Senate wanted to make sure that as soon as we had a statement prepared, we has an action to follow that,” she said.

The Student Senate’s statement, which was sent to current Stockton students and posted to social media, said, “We are reaching out to you to assure you that our campus is not a home for hate.”

Dean of Students Dr. Pedro Santana spoke about unity, citing the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and Spanish philosopher George Santayana. “History is a discipline that can teach us many things so we can learn from our mistakes, but unfortunately, sometime we do not,” said Santana.

I learned from history that MLK was a plagiarist. I also learned that if you are black, they won’t take your degree away from you, even when you are proven to be a plagiarist.

Can’t see black people though – unless they’re grinning at you!

I don’t know who George Santayana is, but I bet he sucks.

“As a community, our students are united and support each other,” Santana said of Thursday’s rally. “Our students embody everything good about humanity.”

“We planted the seed of having the rally,” said student Senator Askhia Khawaja, who spoke with concerned students Tuesday and created an list of demands to the administration to improve policies and procedures to prevent future incidents on campus.

“It was a team effort with all students, and this is what I want to see in the future — even more — in response to hate on our campus,” Khawaja said.

Look at these pictures!


I am going to put together some SNEK fliers for you guys to post.

That organization, of course, does not exist.

But they don’t know that.

This is literally an infinite fountain of lulz and promotion of our agenda which costs us absolutely nothing.

Do you know how awesome we look when a bunch of sluts and Moslems and blacks stage protests against us?

And how much more awesome that awesomeness is when we perform it by doing nothing but spending under an hour posting sheets of paper on bulletin boards?

This is how you perform WINNING, my dear brothers.