I Just Saw These Trannies in Interviews for the First Time

I was on the CBS News website and they have their TV station running in an app on the site. They were running today some show about trannies, and I clicked to enlarge. This was enlightening.

I don’t know the name of this show and it doesn’t matter. The fact that it happened to be playing when I visited the site probably means that this sort of thing is on all of the time now.

After seeing these people on video like this, I must say: they are not just mentally ill, they are not just perverts. They are physical mutants.

I believe this is something that they were exposed to in the womb. Chemicals. That’s the only thing that could have caused this. It is not a behavioral choice or a behavior, it is a physical state of being a hormonal freak.

Does this make me feel bad for them?

Maybe a little bit, in the same way that I feel bad for the men that I see who behave like women due to similar hormonal problems. It’s a feeling that these people are pathetic, and that is always a little bit sad.

Most of the fat, pathetic, whiny men that I see are on the same spectrum as these tranny freaks, but they could also use changes in diet and exercise to get into the range of normalcy, although they will always be softer than a man should be. These trannies however are so far gone that there is no coming back to anything approaching normalcy.

It is just proof that you have to have some kind of agreed upon protocol for euthanizing mutant freaks. More than that, it is proof that we have to get a hold on whatever these plastics are doing to our hormonal systems in the Western world.

But we should understand: no, these people are not just mentally ill, they are not just perverts. There is something deeply physically wrong with them. If euthanasia is deemed cruel, then they need to be sent to the equivalent of a leper colony.

We cannot have them. No sir. Cannot.