I Just Don’t Want to Talk About Trannies Anymore

Everything is just nonstop trannies these days.

It’s weighing on me heavily.

I feel exhausted by it.

Surely, I’m not the only one.

Everything in our world now is designed to exhaust us, from the insanity of the virus regime, to the blacks, to the nonstop push for war. Underlining it all is this obsession with anal sex.

I believe that anal sex is a singularly symbolic satanic act. This is sticking the sacred juice of creation (semen) into the hole that the excrement comes out of. No one who is involved in this can ever be saved. This is the ultimate blight on human existence, and on creation. Therefore, our society now celebrates it as the highest value, so everything must be about anal sex, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Every day I open the news and see that half of the stories are somehow related to anal sex, with the other half related to some other lie, usually the virus hoax.

This world is not only designed to make people evil, it is also designed to make the good tired.

Don’t feel bad if you take a few days (or a few weeks) off reading the media. Even this website. I know that’s bad business, but I care first and foremost for the spiritual health of my readers.

If you’re running on empty, refresh yourself by taking a step back from things.

You do need to be tapped in and know what’s going on, but you also need to take a break now and again. I’m the only person who can’t take a break, and that makes me realize how important it is for people to take breaks.

I might do a full Self-Help Sunday on this, but I just wanted to get the idea out there while it was on my mind.