I Hope the So-Called “Anal Pope” Dies of Coronavirus

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 28, 2020

The alleged “pope” is sick! And Italy is filled with the Coronavirus!

Can you even begin to imagine how glorious it would be if the evil fake pope died of this disease???

New York Post:

Pope Francis remained ill with an apparent cold on Friday — and canceled official audiences for a second day, Vatican officials announced.

The 83-year-old pontiff celebrated morning Mass as usual and greeted congregants at the end, the Vatican said. He planned to go on with his private meeting schedule, but opted to cancel his official audiences.

“The Holy Father celebrated Mass this morning and at the end, as usual, greeted the participants, but decided to postpone today’s official audiences,” spokesman Matteo Bruni said on Friday, the Vatican News reported.“The meetings on the agenda at Casa Santa Marta continue regularly.”

The Vatican has not said exactly what the pope came down with, but he appeared to have a cold as he coughed and blew his nose during Ash Wednesday Mass.

On Thursday, he nixed a penitential Mass, marking the start of Lent, that he’d planned to celebrate at the St. John Lateran basilica across town with Roman clergy, the Vatican said.

Meanwhile, the coronavirus outbreak continues to sweep through Italy — with 650 people infected and 17 killed. More than 400 of the cases occurred in the country’s northern Lombardy region.

The fake pope is the number one evil person on earth, as he is using what was once the most important position in all of Europe to promote anal sex, mass immigration and abortion.

The “pope of anuses” is also known to brutally attack Asian women.

If he was infected with the Coronavirus, the Vatican wouldn’t announce that, because everyone would assume that God is punishing him for his evil anti-Christ agenda.

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