I Honestly Didn’t Even Know That “Anti-Chinese Racism” was a Thing in the Jewish Canon

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 3, 2020

Janice Gassam, a hopeful new symbol of Asian-Negro solidarity.

Given the fact that in so many different situations, Asians get classified with white people – most notably in the context of affirmative action – I didn’t actually realize that “anti-Asian racism” was considered to be a valid concept in the Jewish paradigm of civilization.

Now, I’m learning differently

A colored woman, Janice Gassam, writes for Forbes:

The coronavirus has been the topic of global conversation for the last month, causing mass hysteria and worldwide panic. Stores have been unable to keep protective face masks in stock and Corona beer sales have declined, given the association to the coronavirus name. Apple warns that there may be iPhone shortages due to the virus and U.S. stocks continue to plummet, mimicking 2008 lows. Saudi Arabia has suspended travel to one of the holiest sites in the religion, Mecca, because of health concerns. The travel industry continues to be devasted by the virus as many businesses and travelers have growing concerns over flying.

Is it considered racism for Forbes to do spellcheck on black people’s op-eds?

What about fixing the grammar?

Companies are taking the necessary precautions to ensure their employees are safe by encouraging employees to work remotely. Consumers have raided grocery storesas some supplies become limited and gas prices have plummeted. As the pandemic continues to spread, people are taking the measures they deem necessary to keep themselves safe.

The frenzy that the coronavirus has caused has unsurprisingly sparked more xenophobia and racism. CNN reported a few weeks ago that a man on a Los Angeles subway was overheard saying that Chinese people are filthy and bring diseases from China.

Whether or not they’re “filthy” is a matter of personal opinion, but I will say that they do spit in elevators. They also eat bats. But they certainly do not stink in the way most nonwhite people stink.

But whether or not they’re bringing disease from China – specifically the Chinese Wuhan virus – is not a matter of opinion. I think that can be said in a less rude way, without the use of the word “filthy,” but I’m also not sure I believe that word was ever used.

The same CNN report features multiple stories from people of Asian descent who have been attacked or the victim of a physical or verbal assault in the last few weeks.The racism that many people of Asian descent are currently experiencing is strangely reminiscent of the U.S. in the 1800s after The Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 was passed. The act was passed based on the false belief that the decreased wages and economic hardship that the West Coast was facing at the time were due to the Chinese workers.

Yes, the idea that importing cheap labor decreases the value of domestic labor is one of the most virulent canards.

And there just isn’t any evidence for it.

“Supply and demand” is the epitome of patriarchal tropish canardism.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time that bigotry and bias has followed the spread of a pandemic. In 2014, the Ebola virus was causing concern all around the world. As the number of Ebola cases increased, so did the incidents of racism against those of African descent. The Ebola outbreak and the reaction that followed is akin to what has shadowed the spread of the coronavirus. Fear and ignorance are a dangerous combination and have catalyzed into the spreading of fiction and falsehoods.

So, what are the facts? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) people of Asian descent are no more likely to get the coronavirus than anyone else. Secondly, despite the 24/7 reporting about the virus, the likelihood of someone within the U.S. contracting the virus is relatively low.

But wait, aren’t those two things in contradiction to each other?

If you’re less likely to get it in a white country than in an Asian country, doesn’t that mean that Asians are more aggressive carriers of the virus?

Is “health racism” a thing now?

High IQ, physically attractive, competent, like anime – I don’t see how racism can be done against Asians, even if they do spit in elevators and eat bats.

Also, are Asians no longer going to be subjected to affirmative action standards in the way whites are, because that will for sure mean that all blacks are getting ethnically cleansed from universities by Asians.

And I’m not even really sure I support that. Affirmative action is absolute cancer, but at least blacks are actually Americans, in the sense that they’ve been here for hundreds of years.

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