I Have to Accept the Truth, Wherever It Leads Me. And It has Led Me to a Difficult Truth.

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 1, 2020

As we’ve been talking about the Coronavirus hoax, and we’re all trapped in our houses with nothing to do, I think now is finally the time to discuss another hoax.

I’ve been watching YouTube videos on a certain topic for the last two months, and I just have to come out with it.

I’m not sure exactly how to put this lightly, but I’ve done the research and I can now confirm that the earth is flat. The plan to say that the earth is round is a Jewish conspiracy of the highest order, which makes us think that life has no meaning and that we just live and die in nothingness.

The science is in, the facts are in, and it is simply the truth that the earth is flat. I’m sorry to have to break this to you.

Let’s start at the beginning.

We have zero evidence for a round earth. All of the science has been faked. All throughout history, people knew that the earth was flat, and it is only recently that the Jews have begun promoting the round earth scam.

What spherecucks – that is, the idiots who refuse to accept the science behind a flat earth – don’t understand is that there is a whole lot of money invested in people believing that the earth is round. If people knew that the earth was flat, and not floating around in empty space (space itself being a scam), then they would be forced to recognize that life has deeper purpose and meaning.

What you need to consider first is the three-body problem, which is at the heart of the body of evidence which proves that the earth is not some ball, but is in fact a flat surface. There is simply no way that the earth can orbit the sun and the moon orbit the earth.

From there, we go to the fact that you can see straight across the entire planet using a high-powered lens.

Shills like Neil deGrasse Tyson, who is literally a black science man, are totally incapable of responding to the truth of the flat earth, and so they pretend that it is just too stupid to even respond to.

Who is stupid? The true Aryan scientists who followed the facts and found that the earth was flat, or the black science hoaxer?

A good place to start your journey into the truth is with this debate between Richard Garriott, a fake astronaut and the inventor of the failed MMORPG Ultima Online, and the flat earth scientist “Flat Earth” Andrew.

Andrew absolutely destroys Garriott, who engaged in a high level hoax with the Russians where he allegedly paid to get on the International Space Station, which is literally just an underwater sound stage. They film all space films underwater, and then remove the bubbles.

Then you’re going to want to watch these idiotic British morning TV hosts totally break down as they attempt to have an intellectual battle with flat earth scientist Mark Sargent.

NASA is lying to you. They have no proof.

God’s flat earth is the core truth, and Satan’s sphere is being used to enslave us all to the New World Order.

Once you realize that, you’ll be ready to try to understand the dome.

Why do they not allow you to go to Antarctica?

I know that I am risking my perceived credibility by coming out with this very hard truth, but I must follow the truth. I have to follow the science. I have to follow the facts.

Flat earth truth is more important than my credibility. As a famous flat earth scientist once said, flat earth truth is more important than my life.

They want you to believe that the earth is a ball, because that would mean that

Okay, wait up.

I can’t do this.

I have been planning a flat earth April Fool’s joke for basically a year, but I can’t do it right now.

April Fool’s is a serious tradition here at the Daily Stormer. It generally involves me professing some new revelation that is dumb and weird with a totally straight face. Every year, a certain portion of retards actually fall for it hard and go around spreading my supposed idiocy, until someone tells them to check the date and they look stupid.

One time we did “hacked by Anonymous,” and the entire media reported it. Last year I said that I was going to stop talking about Jews, and the neo-Nazis used it as proof that I was a cuck.

But this year we have a problem: we are basically the most prominent website saying that Coronavirus is just the flu, and because of that, we have a lot of new readers and returning readers reading the site more often, and so I cannot risk someone getting the impression that the guy who is calling this out as a hoax also believes in flat earth.

It is extremely sad to me on a deep personal level, as this is my favorite of all holidays, and I always enjoy watching people lose their minds.

But this year, we just can’t do it, because I am literally one of the very few adults in the room when it comes to accurate takes on the Coronavirus.

I hate being the adult in the room. I just wanted to run a fun troll website, and somehow I’ve ended up in the position where on an entire litany of issues, I’m the single person giving accurate information. So I have to deal with the topics seriously, because otherwise there will be no serious information available anywhere. It’s literally like some kind of a curse.

I will tell you this: the internet right-wing media has completely and totally dropped the ball on the Corona hoax issue. I am just astounded to see that these people are going out there and saying “everything the media says is real, we have to support the government in a total lockdown of society.”

It would be one thing if they were doing that because they support a total economic collapse. But if they were doing that, they could just say it. Nothing the internet right-wing is doing is going to affect the mainstream anyway. There would be no reason for these people to go out there and act like they believe this is legitimate.

What everyone should be doing is what I am doing: calming the hysteria, telling people not to worry about the virus, but to get ready to deal with a completely collapsed economy.

I actually am on a deep level in favor of the economy collapsing and the US government going down the road to total oblivion. But the fact is, being supportive of that in theory is a lot different than dealing with it in practical terms in reality. We are all going to suffer massively throughout this process, and it is likely that not many of us will even live to see better days on the other side of it (because of the length of the disaster, not because of how many people it will kill).

So we can be happy about it, but we also have to prepare to deal with the situation in real life.

The internet right-wing media that is promoting this hoax or not telling you just how bad it is going to be on the other side of it is doing you a massive disservice. Of course, they’re only doing it because they themselves are caught up in the mass hysteria. But people who promote themselves as truth tellers against the establishment need to be above that. They need to be able to look at actual data and report on facts instead of acting like lunatic women.

It’s infuriating.


Happy canceled April Fool’s Day.

I hope I had a couple of you going at the beginning.