I Have No Idea What World War III Will Look Like

I just want to make it totally clear that I have no idea what World War III is going to look like. I am not a military tactics expert of any kind, and I don’t really think that a military tactics expert would be particularly useful in attempting to understand what WWIII will look like.

Honestly, I don’t think anyone knows. I think the only people who think they know are the people running the US military and NATO (collectively known as “ZOG”), but I don’t know that I believe that they actually know.

What Vladimir Putin seemed to say this week is that he is going to go down with the ship, and that Russia will not surrender under his leadership. That means that the only point at which Russia will surrender is when Putin is either killed or arrested by his own people.

I think what is very easy to say is that in a conventional war, Russia does not have the ability to invade Europe. They might have the ability to take Kiev, but that won’t really mean very much. NATO has spent infinite amounts of money training and arming Poland and the Baltics, and there are tens of thousands of US troops in Germany.

If I was playing Sid Meier’s Civilization, I would allow Russia to take Kiev, then invade Belarus from the Baltics and Poland and take Minsk. This would then require Russia to try to take back Minsk, while holding Kiev, and by that point, the US military would be rolling in from Germany.

At the same time, Turkey would be funneling ISIS types up through the Caucus, which would meet up with Chechens and Dagestanis, and would create a whole new front, which currently is not especially well-guarded.

Therefore, I don’t think Russia is planning on trying to take any territory; I think they are only planning on holding their own border, and using Eastern Ukraine as a buffer. Probably, they’d be hoping to be able to hold that line while internal chaos weakened the enemy.

There is some kind of possibility that Turkey or Poland could switch sides. Those are the two NATO countries could switch sides. But they probably will not, and it probably also isn’t possible for them to, given that their militaries are so fully integrated into NATO.

Total Censorship is Going to be Handy

I think counting on internal chaos weakening the enemy is probably wrong. What we’ve seen with the coronavirus is that people in the West will go along with completely restructuring their lives based on a crisis that doesn’t actually exist. It would be possible, with current censorship mechanisms, for American cities to get bombed and for people in the next city over, or even in the suburbs of that city, to not know it had happened. If they heard someone say that they’ve seen a city be bombed, they could easily believe that this person had simply seen a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest, and mistaken it for a bombing.

As I’ve gone through with this site, although it is basically not possible to take it offline without at least one assassination, what would be very easy is to simply create a block list for all of the internet service providers, which would mean that the site would only be on Tor, and Tor could be banned outright. Even if Tor wasn’t banned, anything written here would just be a rumor.

Furthermore, what would I really have to write about other than rumors? I could I guess access Russian/Chinese media, and get what might be a more truthful perspective, but I’m not going to be sending in on-the-ground reporters, and I don’t really expect Russian/Chinese media to be especially truthful (though the fact that they don’t have the same developed censorship mechanisms as the West means that they necessarily must come up with better explanations).

I could host videos uploaded from cellphones, but what good would those actually be? They could just as easily be faked videos spammed by ZOG to confuse the situation. I don’t have the ability to tell the difference between a real video and a fake one, because no one has that ability. It would all be hearsay, backed up by questionable official Russian/Chinese sources.

I’m using myself as an example because I’m obviously the one I’ve thought about the most, but this is going to be true for any anti-ZOG outlet, most of which will shut down because of no money and threats/arrests anyway. Social media can never exactly be totally locked down, in that someone can post a video of something and someone else can download it and repost it… but the mainstream media can just say it’s fake, as the social media companies quickly delete all copies.

And again: they are going to spam fake videos on social media, in order to create all kinds of confusion. I already fully understand these disinformation tactics, probably as well as anyone alive, and I am telling you: they could confuse the heck out of me without very much effort.

So, yes: I think that a US city could be bombed, and people in the suburbs of that city could be made to believe it was an urban myth, and that their friends who said there was a bombing were actually witnessing peaceful BLM protests.

Other Psych-War Problems

This creates a whole new view on this BLM rioting thing, wherein it is going to be very useful in a World War scenario. Aside from simply disinformation, the real terror of black-on-white crime, which is already in the process of being de facto legalized, is going to put the American people in a situation of total confusion. The government could start drafting people, without it being known that they were drafting people.

The soldiers they drafted could also be kept in a state of total confusion about what war they are even fighting. One thing we also know is that once you get soldiers into a war, they start fighting to defend each other from the enemy, and this “brothers in arms” ethos supersedes any national allegiance they might or might not have. Therefore, they are not fighting for BLM and tranny bathrooms, they are fighting for the men standing next to them. Units will be organized so that the people standing next to them are their brothers – people from their state or region. These units are not going to be polluted with blacks or trannies or whatever. They will take the still masculine(ish) white boys from the South and Midwest on the frontlines, and they will fight for each other, without understanding who the enemies are.

Russia could try to distribute propaganda telling them they are fighting against fellow white Christians in the name of anal sex and BLM communism, but the US military would be distributing constant footage of Russians and Chinese committing atrocities. The troops can be fully psych-warred to the point where they believe their families are being murdered by Asiatic psychopaths.

People Already Hate China

Most right-wing Americans, AKA the people who are going to get (secretly?) drafted into a war with Russia, are already on-board with hating China, and they would be told that Russia is aligned with China, even if that isn’t true.

It might or might not be true. Again, I have no idea what is going on here – I am not a military strategist, and know very little about it. However, if I were Xi Jinping, I would wait for ZOG to be completely committed to war with Russia, to get bogged down in that, and then invade Taiwan, the Philippines, and neutralize any ZOG forces in the rest of Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Thailand – small militaries that would crack easily). Possibly after the Southern front was locked, China would have North Korea attack South Korea, and then make some kind of deal with the Japanese.

India can’t physically invade China. They could cause problems, but there is no pathway to actually move troops into China. India could move troops into Myanmar and Thailand, but that is just going to end up with some ultra hardcore Buddhist resistance, and there is nothing really important to seize in Indochina.

Statistically, however, chances are that the Chinese would try to sit the whole thing out, assuming Russia was the single target. China is not really comfortable fighting wars.

What China could do, however, is cut supplies to the United States. However, as we’ve seen with the coronavirus, America doesn’t really need very many supplies – the masses of people have already gone along with a massive drop in quality of life, and the US has the ability to continue to feed the population without imports from anywhere other than Mexico.

I Have No Idea

I just want to repeat that I have no idea about any of this. I’m just spitballing here.

But what it looks like is that Russia would go nuclear sooner rather than later, thinking that it can sustain nuclear attacks better than China and the United States, and probably thinking that if nuclear weapons were just flying around everywhere, that would force China to get involved. One thing that Russia has a lot better than China is the ability to protect from nukes, and if nukes were just flying all over the place, ZOG would probably start hitting China, I think?

Even if it was by accident, I think in a situation where it’s just full-on nukes everywhere, China would get hit and then start hitting everyone in their region. China doesn’t have good nuclear defense, but they have ridiculous nuclear offense, and they might just start attempting to stop the bombs from falling by taking out anywhere that they think can launch them.

Everyone Will be Underground

In any of these wars, Putin and Xi, along with whoever is controlling the ZOG machine at this point (we don’t know who that is, actually, but it appears to be some kind of Dr. Strangelove figure), will be in underground bases, miles underground, which cannot be attacked. Radio communications, along with deep fakes and so on, mean that they will be able to maintain total control of their forces until their countries are completely defeated or until some internal revolution takes over their respective militaries.

Israel and the Moslems?

You’d think that Israel would be worried about getting nuked – or just spammed with missiles from Syria and Lebanon.

They could also conceivably be invaded.

Iran could probably roll over Iraq pretty quickly, and I don’t see how the US could prioritize defense of Israel. They could also be some kind of revolution in Saudi Arabia, probably? The Saudi regime has resorted to very hard power over the last 5 or so years, arresting all kinds of powerful people and stealing their wealth. Some people in that country, along with those in the rest of the Gulf states, have to already be very mad.

When you have this religious stuff, and a regime in the center of Islam that is actively anti-religious, it seems that it wouldn’t take much for someone to do something. What is keeping Turkey from making a deal with Iran to light up the entire Arabian Peninsula and then figure out the details later?

There are a lot of wealthy Arabs who support hardcore Islam, and are not at all happy with what Saudi has been doing, making these deals with the Jews and opening up their holy land to American vaginal-anus culture. Some of these people might think of using terrorist armies to overthrow the Saudi regime and then attack Israel, no?

Islam is definitely the one remaining powerful force that transcends money, aside from basic national/racial interest. There is no other driving, animating human force left beyond material self-interest.

In general, why would any of these states that are aligned with the West remain aligned with the West during a world war? They’ve all just been bribed. There is no other system in place. There is nothing to do with a vision of man, as there was during World War II and then during the Cold War. Any country aligned with any other country is only aligned for the purpose of material self-interest. So if there is chaos, and it seems that the material self-interest is no longer the main issue of concern, nation-states (excluding those still heavily animated by Islam) are likely to devolve into being solely concerned with their national/racial interests, which could completely shift virtually all alliances.

The Best Outcome is Everyone Getting Nuked

Having thought this through, I’ve come to the conclusion that the single best possible outcome is for nukes to just fly everywhere, and wipe out the majority of the urban centers on earth.

In that situation, you would then have a century or two of chaos, as new nations were drawn. The most likely thing to emerge would be a Slavic-dominated Europe and a China-dominated Asia, but that would be long after we’re all dead (assuming we don’t die in the war).

I don’t really know what would happen in North America. There is a pretty good likelihood that Latin America would be the least scathed by a World War, because I can’t understand why anyone would bother nuking Latin America, other than maybe a few places that someone in an underground base figures might have nukes stored there (Cuba, Venezuela, maybe some field in Mexico or Brazil).

Latin America is still pretty rural, percentage wise.

So you would presumably have drug lords creating powerful Mongol-like hordes that would move into the former United States to strip whatever material goods could be stripped (which would probably be significant, due to the decadence of the United States), and probably also an attempt by these warlords to seize fossil fuel production.

However, I think rural white Americans would be pretty quick to form defenses, and would be much better armed than the Mexican warlords. I think that largely, white people in America and Canada would cooperate with each other pretty well. I don’t think you’re going to see white cannibals or Negan-style brutal white gangs for more than a decade. Eventually, there will be Christian cooperation among whites. Most of the brown people will have died in the nuclear war, and cannibal negro gangs will wipe out any remaining urban population within a year, just with stupid violence, and then eventually eat each other.

Mexicans will try to use their immigrant forces to seize unbombed cities and wipe out the blacks, and that might work in some places, but in general, the forward deployed Mexican/Latino armies occupying American cities are not well organized and not very intelligent.

I Think ZOG Must Have a Good Plan

I don’t think any of my thoughts on this mean anything, because I do think that ZOG must have some kind of very good plan. I just can’t imagine they don’t. They have to have run infinity social simulations, and have played out every single thought that I could ever have so many millions of times that they have a nigh-perfected picture of every possibility, and are going to act on that.

However, it is also possible that whoever is secretly in control is as delusional and decadent as the people we see publicly in control, and that there is massive hubris, and they are relying on computer simulations that they have catered to meet their own desired outcomes, and that they are not focusing on reality.

The entire concept of running a massive psychological war against the domestic population while fighting a shooting war with superpowers is so complicated and confusing that I don’t think it is possible you could really know the outcome. Yes, this coronavirus hoax was a test, and the American people failed so miserably that it is difficult to even grasp, but what they are planning is the coronavirus hoax 10X, and there are so many things that could go wrong with that.

Basically, we are talking about a secret World War, which some portion of the American people will not even be aware is happening. This idea of trying to convince Americans that bombed cities are actually the result of peaceful BLM protests seems really clever, but it is also just so insanely bold, relying on so many assumptions, that I don’t know that anyone can know for sure it will work.

Ultimately, everything I wrote about is just for entertainment purposes. It’s just a fun thought exercise. We have no idea how this is going to turn out. I don’t think anyone has any idea how it is going to turn out, actually. But it does seem to be happening, regardless.

It also remains in the realm of possibility that ZOG is going to flinch, and not make a serious move in the next five years, and that by that point China will be so powerful that no one will be able to stand against them. That is also not the worst outcome.

China is playing a long game, and ZOG is on a short timescale. A Chinese merchant empire is already in sight, and the only way it is going to be stopped is through a massive war. China is way too nationalistic to make any deals that infringe on its sovereignty – unless they have to.

The worst outcome is that ZOG defeats Russia and China and manages to build this global Jewish-satanic techno-soul-enslavement empire.

In any case, at this point, all any of us can do is organize our own lives, stay strapped, and pray to Jesus.