“I Have COVID” – Unhinged Old Man Spits on Women on Hiking Trail for Not Wearing Masks

Many people have been driven all the way over the edge by the coronavirus hysteria. Frankly, it is mostly women, but there are also men who have flipped their lids and are no longer living in reality, due to the constant bombardment of fear propaganda.

In Massachusetts, police are looking for one unhinged old man who spat at two women on a hiking trail because they were not wearing masks.

Video posted to Twitter shows the man saying, “I have COVID” as he repeatedly spits in their direction.

According to reports from media and the police, the deranged man approached the women as they hiked along the Hudson Overlook on the Midstate Trail in Ashburnham on Nov. 15.

He assailed the women for not wearing masks, and then began his spitting rampage.

“I have COVID,” the man says. “I’ve been tested positive.”

Police have not released the identities of the man or the hikers, but have confirmed that an investigation is ongoing.

You grew up hearing about “witch hunts,” where entire societies were whipped up into a frenzy and went to hunt down women for colluding with the devil. We are witnessing the same phenomenon with the coronavirus hysteria, and the attacks on those who don’t wear masks, or otherwise violate the rules put forward by the media.

Those who don’t follow the rules are looked at as heretics, who are a threat to the entire society, and they are thus deserving of any punishment. This man would easily go along with drowning these women in cages, and he would feel nothing. This is the nature of hysterical frenzy.

You need to be careful out there, because this is only getting worse, and if Joe Biden takes over, it’s going to get a lot worse. Probably, the government isn’t going to drown you in cages, but they will presumably start rounding up violators of the virus rules and hauling them off to FEMA camps. People like this man will not only cheer, but also condemn and silence anyone who is not comfortable with coronavirus violators being disappeared into trucks by militarized police.