I Have Coronavirus and I Regret Saying It is the Flu. Don’t Make the Same Mistake I Made.

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 31, 2020

Yesterday, after having watched a Coronavirus denialism video by German doctor Wolfgang Wodarg and then looking at his sources, I decided that I believed that Coronavirus is actually just the flu. However, just hours after writing about my findings, I got the results back from my test.

And the results have been devastating.

I’m positive. 

As you all know, I was a very healthy, handsome man in the prime of my middle age (yes, 35 is middle age, it’s in the Bible and if you haven’t accepted it yet you need to grow up).

However, in the ensuing hours, things have rapidly taken a turn for the worse.

The Coronavirus infection has virulently degraded me, both physically and psychologically.

Don’t ask about my new facial tattoo – because I will tell you about it: Jews are hunting me, and I figure if they see a Star of David tattooed on my face, they won’t recognize me as a famous anti-Semite. This was the plan of my Nigerian housemaid.

I am here at the compound in Nigeria with my crew of Russian diamond smugglers and Nigerian internet scam artists, and they are taking good care of me.

However, things are tough going since the disease hit me.

Luckily, because I am on a compound on the outskirts of Lagos, I am able to get out into the field with the birds and insects to soothe my soul.

My Nigerian housemaid has been doing my announcements for me through the bullhorn to members of the compound, as I don’t have the air in my lungs to expel words with.

This Nigerian housemaid has also attempted to console me sexually.

And though she is truly a beautiful woman, I simply do not have loving in me in these troubled times, when I am infested with a deadly Coronavirus which is totally not the flu and is ravaging me like a rag-doll.

I was happy that she lay with me, and simply shared the cool warmth of Negro emotion.

However, while the members of my compound were mourning my demise, and I lay in sweet embrace with the housemaid, a terrible thing happened: a Chinese man who I owe money to attacked my car.

He smashed out all the windows and intimidated my friend Stanislov, who suffers from really bad autism.

I also have reason to believe that he is the one who infected me. The last time he came to collect a payment, he was licking all of my doorknobs.

To make matters even worse, I believe that my Negress housemaid, who has shown me so much sexual healing and emotional caringness, is plotting to take over the compound for her own purposes.

Along with several sideways looks, I’ve caught her ordering my men to move furniture around in ways which I dislike. She appears to be setting things up for her new reign.

Alas, it makes no difference to me now, for I am already gone.

So believe you me: the Coronavirus is real.

The media is right. It is not just a flu. It is a virulently savage virus that will wreck you completely, and leave nothing left of the man you once were before it executes you in cold blood.

I advise you to take this all as serious as you possibly can. Don’t leave your house or come within 40 feet of another person for the rest of your life, or you too will die.

This will be my last article here on the Daily Stormer. I will spend what’s left of my remaining hours caressing the smooth ebony skin of my negro housemaid.