“I Hate F*cking White People!” – Black Charged with Hate Crime for Stabbing White Cop

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 26, 2016

Leroy Willis

Leroy Willis

This is really Pandora’s Box: if the courts start looking into the motives of Black-on-White violence, they’re going to find that all of it is racially motivated. Even if they just rob the White guy because he’s likely to have more money, or rape the White girl because she’s prettier, they’ve still chosen their victim based on race, which is the definition of a “hate crime.”

Chicago Times:

A Far South Side man has been charged with a hate crime after he stabbed a security guard who had just gotten off from work and was crossing the Washington Street Bridge in the West Loop, police said.

Leroy Willis, 45, of the 11000 block of South Wentworth Avenue, was charged Tuesday morning with aggravated battery, hate crime and aggravated attempted robbery in the attack against Todd Light, 49, police said.

Light, who works as a security guard at a downtown building, said he was taking a couple of minutes to relax by the river when Willis approached him.

The attacker yelled, “I hate (expletive) white people, give me your wallet,” and stabbed Light twice, he said. Light said he wrestled with Willis and managed to hold him and force him to drop the knife.

“I held him there and yelled until a passerby came and called the police,” Light said. “I’m really not sure how long I was sitting there yelling. Maybe a couple of minutes.”

Light was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital. He said his wounds were superficial.

“The doctor said I was lucky,” he said. “I feel very extremely lucky. I’ve been in fights before but not when I thought I was going to die if I didn’t win this. It was a definite possibility.”

Light said he believed his attacker’s comments were only made to scare him, but that charges are “pretty much deserved.”

The concept of a “hate crime” is obviously stupid, but I do think we need to start pushing for all Black-on-White crimes to be dealt with under this legislation. At the very least, it brings attention to what’s going on out there – where we are literally being slaughtered on the streets on a mass scale, while they claim to be the victim!