“I Fuck France. I Burn France”: Rapper Violates and Kills France, Symbolized as a White Woman

Diversity Macht Frei
May 20, 2019

Last year, “French” rapper Nick Conrad published a song called “Hang the Whites”. In the accompanying video, he killed a white man and uttered the words “I go to the nurseries. I kill white babies.”

Surprisingly, this provoked a reaction from the French ruling class. He was denounced by politicians and charged with incitement to violence.

Last month, the French justice system cracked down hard on this uppity negro.

He was sentenced to pay a €5000 fine, suspended. In effect, then, he walked free.

In France, if you talk back to a Muslim, a Jew or an African, you will be carted off to prison by a squad of Macron’s goons. If you belong to the victimhood aristocracy, however, you have carte blanche to commit all the crimes you want. It’s just like before the French revolution, in fact, when the law, in practice, didn’t apply to the nobility. But now nobility has been redefined to mean anyone other than a white male.

Conrad, his aristocratic status having been confirmed, is now back at it again.

His new video is called “Doux pays” [Sweet country].

In it, he characterises France as a white woman whom he sexually violates and then kills.

Here is the full video, with the lyrics shown in English subtitles.

In his videos, he likes to portray himself as a high-rolling nigga with gold chains, fast cars and hos. In reality, Nick Conrad was a hotel receptionist till he lost his job after his “Hang the whites” video became known.

Despite the overt anti-white hatred expressed in his songs and videos, Conrad’s work is still available on Facebook, YouTube, Apple & Twitter. Big Tech is against “race hate” but only when it involves white people defending their own interests.