I Figured Out Why Lady Gaga Loves Joe Biden So Much

I’ve figured out why Lady Gaga loves Joe Biden so much.

He’s got a Joker Face.

This reminds her of her hit song “Poker Face.”

She’s going to release a remix of “Poker Face” called “Joker Face,” and all of the Biden fans will eat it up.

And there are a lot of Biden fans, let me tell you what. He is actually the single most popular person who has ever walked upon the earth.

In Pennsylvania, hordes of 90-year-olds came out to show their support for the Biden agenda to stop global warming, end racism and force everyone to wear masks outdoors.

We haven’t seen nonagenarians vote like this at any time in history.

In some places in Michigan and Pennsylvania, more than 100% of the population voted for Joe Biden. That means that more than everyone who exists voted for Joe Biden. To accomplish this feat, Joe Biden called on the dead, and on fictional people.

Lady Gaga brilliantly understands that if dead people and fictional people can vote for Joe Biden, they can also download a single on iTunes.

“Joker Face” will combine the popularity of the most popular person who ever lived with the head-rattling singability of “Poker Face” to create the greatest song ever.

That is Gaga’s endgame.

I will say this: at least she’s making money, unlike Jack Dorsey, who is going to lose half the traffic on his website and maybe collapse the entire thing by banning Donald Trump from his site.

Gaga and @jack are both weird people, but @jack is uniquely weird and the weirder of the couple.