I Feel Bad for Gavin

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 25, 2019

I just ended up somehow watching an hour long interview with Gavin McInnes that was released a few days ago.

It was on 2x. I only watch YouTube on 2x. But still. That’s a long time to watch this lad, man. His takes almost gave me pneumonia.

The guy looks like absolute dogshit. He’s aged like 20 years since he was banned from everything.

I feel bad.

He’s just a dumb goofy guy who wasn’t really doing anything wrong. He was just shilling stupid normie talking points in an edgy way, trying to make a living. Now he doesn’t have a living and he is totally and completely excluded from public discourse.

At one point he actually has a good take, and says that divorce is much of the cause for the war on the patriarchy. I endorse that point. It does all seem very much to be an “angry at daddy” movement when it comes to the whites involved in it.

But I’m thinking: why is he thinking about divorce?

Well, probably because he’s got one coming up.

It was obvious from some of the humiliating shit he was doing for Ezra Levant that he didn’t have any of the $12 million he sold his share in VICE for left. His wife spent it all. And now he can’t keep up with her Manhattan lifestyle – dude is fucked.

And this is what these Jews want for anyone who says anything they disagree with. They don’t just want you to shut up, they want you broke, divorced and dead.

Gavin will probably be dead soon too.

He’s 48 and looks 72, and I’m sure he did a lot of cocaine. I predict he’s dead inside of 5 years, whether his wife leaves him or not (and she will).

Gavin is a shitbag, but no one deserves this.