I Don’t Understand What Tucker Doesn’t Understand About the UFO Hoax…?

Previously on “Grey Agenda”:¬†Government Release Alien Hoax Documents

Everyone talking about these UFOs is from the military.

All of the videos are released by the military.

For about a decade now, everyone on earth has gone around with a camera in their pocket. And yet somehow, only the government is filming these UFOs.

And the government is releasing these videos.

Meanwhile, there is a clear logic to the government faking a UFO hoax.

And yet, there is no logical reason to believe in UFOs. What is the logic? Aliens? Really? How did they get here firstly, and if they’re here, why have they just been flying around harassing people for decades?

This is assuming you don’t believe humans are the central focus of this particular universe, which is the Christian perspective.

But again: show one piece of evidence that does not come from the government. There isn’t any.

All there is is a rumor that the Soviets saw UFOs, but “Russians believe in a conspiracy theory” is a meaningless statement. Anyone who says that has never met a Russian. They are very, very open-minded (at least in their natural state – many are polluted by Westernisms). I like Russian open-mindedness, and I think it is actually a key strength of their culture. But of course they are going to tell you they saw UFOs, levitating metallic beams, and invisible moving ghosts.

Point being: “Russians believe in UFOs” is not relevant. If the Russian government releases videos of UFOs, that would at least forward the conversation, as we would have someone other than the US government releasing these videos.

But neither Russia nor China – both of which have the same sensors as America – are going to show videos of UFOs, because UFOs were invented by the US government.

The US government told you that the flu was a new disease. They renamed the flu, said it was a new disease, then shut down the entire society and the economy in ways that anyone with two brain cells to rub together could see would cause irreparable damage. They made everyone cover their mouths and coerced them into taking a dangerous gene therapy.

No one pushed back.

Really – at the onset of this, no one pushed back. As things progressed, we got a little bit more pushback. But not a lot. We still don’t have a lot. (Where are the churches???)

If the government rolls out some kind of UFO grey agenda – do you think that Americans won’t go along with it?

Do you think that if that Anthony Fauci comes out and does his sexy grandfather routine, saying that the science shows that these people are from the Pleiades, that people will push back and say “this is fake – these are people in suits!”?

Because they won’t.

There is zero chance that there would be a more significant pushback against the grey agenda than there was against the flu hoax, and there would most likely be much less pushback.

So, just like when Tucker pressed /pol/ disinfo about the coronavirus, he is now pressing more disinfo about UFOs.

I’m not attacking Tucker. I think his show has been virtually 100% on point for months on end now. Aside from nonsense about a Chinese threat, the only thing I dislike about what he is saying is this UFO nonsense. He is literally prepping his audience to believe in the next big Democrat hoax.

Will they actually do this hoax?

I think basically it’s a back-pocket move that they are keeping hot in case they need it. There was probably more talk about this in the 1990s. If the flu hoax goes full sideways, they might pull it out. I think they would drum it up a bit more first. They pulled out that stuff with the documents, and shilled it a bit.

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But if they’re pumping up an alien agenda, you’ll probably start hearing about it nonstop before they do some kind of contact event.

I’m not even sure there would be a contact event. They might just say “they’re communicating with us, and they sent a message saying they are worried about global warming and white supremacy, and they need us to form a global government before they will give us the cure to every disease and space travel technology.”

It’s just… it’s very obvious that this is what’s going on. Seeing that the government is dumping UFO videos and documents on you and responding with “OMG the government is covering up UFOs!” is ridiculous, and is a real blind spot for Tucker. I think he probably just personally wants to believe.

This might sound crazy. But one thing I agree with Tucker about is this: nothing really looks crazy in comparison to what is happening every day. Clearly, the grey agenda would affect civilization and individual humans less than the flu hoax.