I Don’t Think It’s Appropriate for Rand Paul to Take Shits While Giving Interviews

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 4, 2018

Rand Paul has become a great ally of the president.

I wasn’t huge on him a while back, but he’s really been making good as of late.

Take this interview he did with Fox attacking the vile shill Mitt Romney and his twisted agenda.

However, what disturbed me about this interview was that I noticed he was taking a shit during the interview.

Look, I understand people are busy. And I understand that some people, like Rand Paul, have to take a lot of shits to keep up with their high-energy lifestyle, which is fueled by coffee and carbohydrates.

And installing a greenscreen in your bathroom and taking a shit during interviews is a much lesser crime than the crime of the criminal John Kasich, who would eat like a disgusting slob during interviews.

At least taking a shit is a below the waist bodily function, and Rand Paul may well think that people don’t notice he’s always taking shits during interviews.

Rand, we know.

Even that weird guy on Fox News whose name no one can ever remember noticed, and he appeared to disapprove.

For the sake of freedom, please, make time in your day to shit between interviews.