I Don’t See Evidence to Prove Aliens Didn’t Invade New York

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 28, 2018

Of course they’re going to say it’s not aliens.

Sure as hell looks like aliens.


New Yorkers were shocked and amazed by an eerie blue light that took over the night sky in Astoria, Queens, Thursday night. Officials say an electrical fire at a Con Edison substation was to blame — not an alien ship, or any of the other wild ideas the sight inspired.

Witnesses described hearing a boom, followed by flashes of light. The light went from white to yellow to an incandescent blue — and with a level of clouds hanging above the New York City skyline, the effect was striking. The comparisons ranged from Ghostbusters to any number of alien movies that have featured the Big Apple.

“Confirming incident in Astoria was result of transformer explosion,” the New York Police Department said in a tweet shortly after the sky went bright blue. “No injuries, no fire, no evidence of extraterrestrial activity.”

The police account seemed to reassure many people who had been taken aback by the sight of the ethereal light — although one person responded, “Transformers are extraterrestrials. Just saying.”

Providing more details about the phenomenon, Con Edison said in a statement Friday morning that the light emanated from “a sustained electrical arc flash that was visible across a wide area.”

The utility company says the arc flash was triggered by an electrical fault at its Astoria East substation, at 20th Avenue & 32nd Street in Astoria Queens.

Seriously though: the government saying it isn’t aliens is not proof that it isn’t aliens.

I’ve seen X-Files.

I’ve even seen the new X-Files, which actually were not as bad as you would expect.

The Trump alien was purposefully not anti-Trump.

If anything, it was anti-Mexican.

And the Alex Jones character isn’t even anti-Alex Jones.

If they would have just gone full right-wing, they would have had good ratings. They had all of this almost right-wing stuff, and the Alex Jones character as a good guy, but they tried to remain apolitical and then threw some leftist stuff in there at the same time.

Watching the new X-Files is not something I would recommend, but it is one way to live.