I Don’t Really Have Anything to Say About the 911 Anniversary

It seems like I usually write something about the 911 anniversary, but I don’t really have anything on my mind to say today.

Yesterday, when I was thinking about the topic, I thought I had something about how the world has changed in the wake of this event, and how these changes have shaped my personal life, but that seems to have slipped out of my brain.

Probably, there is something that could be said about how the world was basically normal before 911, and how this appears to have been some kind of Jewish satanic ritual to open up a gateway to hell.

Certainly, the last 20 years have been the worst 20 years in all of human history, as the entire world has been engulfed in the evil that emanates from the United States.

Reality itself has been sacrificed on the altar of feminism and emotionality, as facts no longer have any bearing on anything, and events are determined purely by the ability of the media/government to spin an emotional narrative that they can get the public to buy into.

Ultimately, I will say that 911 was a big hoax that changed the whole world, but the coronavirus hoax is a much bigger hoax, and it is going to change the world in far more meaningful ways than the 911 hoax.

For those who don’t know, 911 was done by Jews that were operating inside of both the US government and Saudi intelligence. The reason that Saudis were protected by the government is that if we started investigating the Saudis, it would quickly become obvious that Saudi intelligence is completely infested and controlled by the Israeli Mossad.

The Jews planned this event, on purpose, to start a bunch of wars against Moslems and to transform the world. The most amazing thing about it is that at the end of all these changes, white people were told that actually, Moslems are morally superior to them. That really shows that a narrative can go wherever they want a narrative to go.

Although it doesn’t talk about the Jews much, I think that Alex Jones’ 2005 documentary “Martial Law 911: Rise of the Police State” has held up as one of the best documentary films ever made.