I Don’t Apologize for Calling Kyle a “Retard” – Going to That Riot was Retarded

I recently saw some slimy garbage person claiming that I had changed my message on Kyle Rittenhouse, saying that I called him a retard and now call him a hero. He claimed I was trying to “memory hole” that I’d called him a retard. I’d like to clear this up, as best I can.

There are a lot of different things going on here, and stupid people are going to get tripped up, regardless. But the rest of you will grasp it, if you work through it in your head.

Going to that rally was retarded. There is no other description for making a decision to go to a black riot with a gun to try to protect other people’s property. As I explained Saturday, this is almost certainly set up by the feds, as an attempt to create an incident where a right-wing white person kills a black person and a crackdown is initiated.

Doing something retarded doesn’t preclude someone from being a hero.

We discover that he is only a kid, and a good kid – a “plump infant,” as one columnist called him – and the impression regarding why he made the decision he made changes. It turned out that he went there with pure intentions, to protect the people from the scum. He also eliminated absolute scum.

There are positive and negative results from this. It is positive that the conservatives have rallied around him, and that they’re saying that these Antifa deserve to die. This shows how much conservatism has transformed as a result of Donald Trump. It used to be that a conservative didn’t want to even be rude to a liberal; now they support killing them.

At the same time, it’s not at all good that all of the normies now think they should just go out and repeat what Kyle did, and that will save the country – as if the problem was the blacks and anarchists, and not the government that could shut them down at any time and refuses to.

You’re also going to get more of these people going out with guns, and it’s only a matter of time before someone who isn’t a babyfaced all American boy shoots a person who isn’t a satanist or a child molester and they dig up his social media and find something other than wholesome activities. That’s when the hammer comes down. You’re going to get a Dylann Roof or George Floyd type situation, where all white people are guilty for the actions of one person, and they will begin in earnest with a “white supremacist domestic terrorist” witch hunt which will result in all sorts of things, most disturbingly mass gun confiscation.

So far, I have seen very few people who are able to look at the situation with Kyle and say, “he’s a good kid and it’s good he killed those Antifa, but fighting blacks and Antifa on the street doesn’t really solve any problems.”

Instead, people are saying, “IT’S TIME TO FIGHT BACK!!!”

Understand: William Barr could end these riots within 48 hours. Any city could shut them down quicker. They are being allowed to happen, by the government. That means that the government will stop you from stopping them.

If this was just a matter of going out and stopping the blacks, and the cops needed help from the citizens, you could send in 10 ex-marines with sniper rifles and clear the place out in ten minutes. Black people understand getting shot.

Anyone who goes out and tries to thwart Antifa or BLM is in direct confrontation with the US government. Period. These hordes are soldiers of the government.

Kyle Rittenhouse is in jail right now, and it will be a miracle if he doesn’t get sentenced to life in prison.

Meanwhile, a black man who committed a racially motivated murder of a white man in broad daylight was released with probation. They called the black a “teen” and called the murder “assault.”

Kyle is chased until he falls down, and shoots only when one of his attackers are beating him and pulling a gun, and he’s facing life in prison. They called the kid a “white supremacist terrorist” and called clear self-defense “first degree murder.”

Any white person who tries to stop what is happening in the streets is going to face the full power of the state.

The battle between Antifa and the police is a fake battle, it’s like a stage play, as they are both controlled by the same group.

Kyle did something that was both heroic and retarded. He had the right mindset, a desire to protect his community from the forces of evil, but he acted without any basic understanding of the situation, destroying his life without reason.

Low IQ people won’t be able to understand what I just told you – and that’s the entire point. This situation is not really very complicated, but in order to understand it, you have to be able to wrap your head around some pretty shocking facts. Most people cannot get past the fact that it’s blacks and Antifa that are out in the street.

No one is going to argue with anything I said. No one is going to break it down point by point, and try to explain that the real problem is Antifa and not the government.

No one can make that argument to anyone other than morons, because it isn’t true. The government is the problem. The Justice Department refuses to arrest people who commit crimes.

People will just continue to say “Antifa is bad! Someone has to stop them!”

No one is going to stop them, because the entire apparatus of the US government supports them.

The cities are lost.

Move out of the city, and start getting involved in a small town community, so that our nation and our people have a future.