I Can’t Believe They’re Doing This to Teddy

Teddy Roosevelt was a truly great man and an American hero. He was a fantastic writer, a soldier, a builder and a leader. He is the single most popular president in American history.

The fact that they are tearing down his statue in New York deeply bothers me. I consider myself as immune as anyone can be from becoming emotionally rustled by any of this bait that the Jews pour out on us, but this whole statue thing is definitely cracking my shell.

Tucker did segments both Monday and Tuesday about the statues, and started with Teddy in both segments.

You should watch them both.

Here’s Monday’s.

And Tuesday’s.

It is absolutely incredible that the Republicans are still refusing to talk about this revolution.

Tucker is laying it out, exactly as I’ve laid it out.

I do not think he’s copying me, by the way. I assume he reads the site, at least periodically, as everyone seems to read the site because somehow, I’ve been blessed to say some things that matter. But the reason Tucker and I are on the exact same page here is because this is the reality.

The Republican Party has failed and they have failed miserably. Donald Trump has failed.

It doesn’t matter. They are the only base of power that exists that could ever be used in opposition to this agenda. There is nothing else. If Joe Biden wins the election, a black woman – probably Kamala Harris – is going to ride in on his back and every single nightmare that we have been talking about on this website for the last seven years is going to come true.

After this election, there will be no more real elections, because the Democrats will shift the demographics such that a Republican can never win an election. The people are already here. There are at least 30 million and maybe as many as 50 million illegal Mexicans in the country. It’s between 15% and 20% of the total adult population. All the Democrats have to do is flip a switch, and a Republican president can never be elected again.

We need to figure out a way to get Trump reelected. We have to drag this man across the finish line, somehow. I do not know how. I’m thinking about it. We need some kind of mass push that is not reliant on him. He can’t be relied on to do anything.

I’m got a vague idea in my mind, that we need to go door to door, and tell whites that the killing will start when Queen Kamala rides in on the senile white horse. We cannot use the internet anymore. We are incredibly lucky that you are able to use this .su website to read me.

If we’re going to win, we have to use fear. There is no vision of a positive future in sight right now. We are not going to make America great again with Donald Trump. No one believes that now. We tried so hard to believe it, for so long, but he has beaten it out of us.

This is now about survival. Nothing else.

The ideal situation right now would be for Trump to step down and for Tucker to run for 2020. That would be the ideal. I do not think there is any chance of that happening, because Trump doesn’t know what is going on at this point.

If we lose this election, I don’t know what happens. I don’t know what the plan will be from there. We will make a plan, but it is basically just going to be riding out the killing, trying to figure out secession.