This guy’s first mistake was being on an elliptical.

Who does that?

The Guardian:

Matt Wynter, a 42-year-old music agent from Leek, Staffordshire, was working out in his local gym in mid-August when he saw, to his great surprise, that his best friend, Marcus Birks, was on the television. He jumped off the elliptical trainer and listened carefully.

The first thing he noticed was that Birks, who was also from Leek and a performer with the dance group Cappella, looked terrible. He was gasping for breath and his face was pale. “Marcus would never usually have gone on TV without having done his hair and had a shave,” Wynter says.

Breathing heavily from his intensive care unit bed at Royal Stoke university hospital, Birks told the BBC interviewer that he had been wrong about Covid-19. “If you haven’t been ill,” he said, “you don’t think you’re going to get ill, so you listen to the [anti-vaccine] stuff.” He spoke of his regret at not being vaccinated. “First thing I am going [to] tell all my family to do is get the vaccine and [then] anybody I see,” he said. “And as soon as I can get it, I am definitely getting it.”

Birks had rejected the vaccine because he thought it had been rushed through. “He thought it was an emergency vaccine,” says Wynter, “and he wanted to wait it out a little bit, before taking it.” Birks was the sort of person who was always “very anti putting anything in his body at all”, Wynter says. He wouldn’t drink or touch drugs – he wouldn’t even take paracetamol for a headache. And besides, Birks was a fitness enthusiast, going to the gym five times a week, so he figured that if he got Covid, he would most likely be fine.

The media is blatantly trying to emotionally manipulate you.

The official numbers are preposterously inflated because the PCR testing is rigged and gives out false positives, and worldwide, anyone who dies of anything after having tested positive is counted as a coronavirus death.

But even if you go with the official numbers, it is clear that virtually nobody under 50 is really at risk of this alleged virus.

America is a special case because most people over 40 are too fat and too sick, but the picture is clear.

People who die from this virus are one or more of the following:

The media knows that, which is why they go crazy with these stories.

They don’t want people to stop believing the hoax, and they’re committed to manipulating the audience through fear.