I Can Believe That Joe Biden has a Latino Problem

As I said Monday, there are many different kinds of Latinos, and the Latinos in Florida are a special kind (richer, lighter-skinned, Cuban). Those Latinos aren’t going to go for Biden, because they don’t support communism.

However, one thing that all Latinos share is that they do not like black people and they’re afraid of black people. They also don’t have the same issues with the police, given that while Latinos commit much more crime than whites, they commit only a fraction of the crime of the blacks.

Joe Biden is the candidate of violent black riots and killing cops.

Yahoo! News:

Former Vice President Joe Biden is heading to Florida on Tuesday amid major worries about his campaign’s Latino outreach operation.

Florida is one of four battleground states with a substantial Latino population. Recent polls there have seen Biden’s lead dwindle to just about 1 percent, in large part due to soft support among Latinos, including in the normally reliable Democratic stronghold of Miami-Dade County. 

Some Biden supporters are concerned.

Not only am I surprised. I’m shocked. I’m aghast. It’s perplexing,” Florida pollster and Democratic strategist Fernand Amandi said in an interview with Yahoo News. “There were plenty of times and plenty of opportunities to have addressed the situation earlier rather than trying to salvage it at the 11th down.”

Florida, which has 29 votes in the Electoral College, is one of the biggest prizes on the election map. Donald Trump won the state by about 112,000 votes in the 2016 election against Hillary Clinton, and his campaign has repeatedly described it as their most important target this time around.

Trump’s last Sunshine State victory came despite the fact that exit polls showed more than 60 percent of Latinos, who are over 15 percent of the state’s voters, backing Clinton. While recent polls have shown Biden doing better than Clinton with white voters in Florida, he is underperforming among Latinos. 

A poll conducted by Amandi’s firm that was released on Sept. 8 added to worries about Biden’s standing in Florida. It showed that he was winning Miami-Dade County by 17 points. But to put that number in perspective, Clinton won the county — the state’s most populous — by 30 points in the last election.

And that poll isn’t the only one that spells trouble for Biden in the state. An NBC/Marist poll that also came out on Sept. 8 showed Trump and Biden effectively tied in Florida, with the former vice president losing the Latino vote there by four points.

The good news for Biden is that reinforcements are pouring in. Billionaire Mike Bloomberg, the former New York City mayor who briefly ran for the Democratic presidential nomination earlier this year, announced over the weekend that he would spend $100 million to boost Biden in Florida. But Bloomberg’s intervention, which comes less than two months before Election Day, also underscores Democrats’ anxiety about Biden’s chances in the state.

Prior to the cash infusion, Amandi described Florida as being “as competitive as it always has been” and argued that Biden’s team needed to do more.

“If you’re the Biden campaign … what you need to do is improve your performance with Hispanic voters,” he added. “If that doesn’t happen … it’s going to be almost impossible for him to carry Florida.”

Weakening support among Latinos is clearly an issue for Biden in Florida, but it’s also part of a larger problem. Polls show him slightly trailing Clinton among the Latino population nationwide. And Clinton already lost Latino support relative to President Barack Obama’s 2012 performance.

While there is a particularly large Latino population in Florida and three Southwestern swing states — Texas, Arizona and Nevada — some strategists point out that Biden could also do more to target Latino populations in other battlegrounds. Chuck Rocha, a Democratic strategist, cited Wisconsin as another example of a state where Biden should capitalize on the Democratic Party’s edge with Latinos.

“I do know 60,000 Latinos on the south side of Milwaukee who would make a whole hell of a lot of difference that nobody’s talked to,” Rocha said.

As the 2016 election showed once again, a relatively small number of voters in swing states can prove decisive. Although Clinton handily won the nationwide popular vote, Trump secured an Electoral College win because he won Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania by just about 79,000 total votes.

Those three crucial swing states, which together deliver 46 Electoral College votes, are hom eto over 1.6 million Latinos.

This is one of Biden’s many, many problems.

Despite the fact that brown people love communism, they presumably hate blacks more than they love communism.

Latinos are probably going to vote for Trump in bigger numbers than they’re admitting, because of this thing where Biden is just going out of his mind encouraging black violence, killing cops, etc.

No one other than a certain portion of the blacks and a large number of white women support completely outrageous black violence, killing cops, and so forth.

The Democrats went all in on total crazy, and that is absolutely going to lose them this election, and it is absolutely why they are already openly plotting to steal it through the mail-in scheme. They’re saying that anyone who questions the validity of the mail-in hoax is a Russian.

They’re literally now saying that Russia is engaging in foreign influence in the election to convince people that there will be foreign influence in the election. This almost made my head explode, actually.

I have presently zero doubt that Trump is going to win the election. However, whether he will be able to remain in the White House after winning the election is a much more important, and bigger question right now.

It is not at all clear.

The Democrats are openly planning to “siege” the White House and force Trump out.

Does Trump have the nerve to stand strong and fight these people?

That is the primary question facing America, presently.