“I am a Son of Allah and I Do What I Want”: The Dissolution of Italy

Diversity Macht Frei
September 3, 2017

Italy is in such a parlous state that it’s impossible to give adequate coverage to all the invasion-related news stories. It would take too long to translate all of them fully. So I thought I’d just do a round-up of them with snippets of translation, ignoring the ones that have already reached the mainstream international press such as the migrant rapes in Rimini.

Mohammedans pray in front a Christian cemetery in Ventimiglia.

An Italian court confirmed the sentencing of a Lega Nord MP for remarks he made about the African politician Cecile Kyenge. He was ordered to pay her 50,000 euros in compensation. I wrote about this at an earlier stage of the legal proceedings (see here).

The remarks he made are:

“she took away a job from an Italian doctor” [She came to Italy as an illegal immigrant from Africa, later acquiring legal status and working as a doctor]

“Africans are Africans and belong to an ethnic group very different from ours”

“Legally, we are not Congolese, we have a millennial-plus right based on ius sanguinis” [Law of Blood]

“To confirm that African civilisation has not produced great geniuses, it is enough to consult the Encyclopedia of Topolino, it’s not something I’m saying.”


A municipal employee in Bologna was tasked with cleaning the San Leonardo gardens. He encountered a Muslim cooking food there.

“He attacked me with insults and threats, epithets, uttering unrepeatable words, pushes and several times he repeated the phrase “I am a son of Allah and I do what I want.”


By the time the police arrived he had left but returned later to continue the insults.

An Italian mayor was convicted of “racism and discrimination” for issue an order that “people of African and Asian origin” provide medical certificates proving they were in good health before being allowed to reside in asylum seeker accommodation.


Leftists are demanding legal action against the anti-immigration Forza Nuova party after it displayed the following image on its Facebook page.


The text reads:

“Defend her from the new invaders. It could be your mother, your wife, your sister, your daughter.”

This is based on a graphic that was used by Mussolini’s government in the Second World War. At that time, the negroes depicted were the ones serving in the US military.


A negro from Gambia runs naked through the streets of Macerata.

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