Hyperinflation is a Very Serious Problem for a Very Unserious Country

Kevin McCarthy is a totally worthless scumbag and a fraud. He’s a total shill for the Jews. Really, the word is “traitor.”

Tucker Carlson has continually called him out in almost as many words. Recently, he called him out for literally living with the fat Jew weirdo Frank Luntz.

Luntz is a focus group and marketing Jew who, among other evil acts, helped the Jew pharmaceutical company Purdue Pharma (owned by the billionaire Jew Sackler family) blame OxyContin addiction on the people who got addicted to it.

McCarthy refused to explain why he literally lives with this villainous Jew. It was pretty bold, frankly. He’s the Republican House leader, and he was called out – more than once – by the man who is by far the most popular Republican commentator, and he just avoided responding.

Of course, the spineless traitor is welcome every day on Sean Hannity. He can come on to talk about socialism and taxes, or how the Democrats don’t do enough to support Israel and promote war with China and Russia, or how we need to re-invade Afghanistan, or just to shill vaccines.

Man, Hannity must just hate Tucker Carlson. Hannity is just trying to shill, and yet every day his entire stupid, belligerent, decadent ideology is attacked by the host on before him.

Of course, to cover up just how corrupt and useless he is, McCarthy occasionally has to hit on at least semi-relevant issues. The other day, he tweeted about inflation.

Back in July, he tweeted this YouTube video:

His office produced this video. It’s about a single mother who is having to pay more for things (at least she’s not black, I guess!).

Here was the bottom line of his message:

This is like saying “the real problem if someone breaks into your house and shoots your infant son in the head is figuring out how to get the blood stains out of the carpet.”

Of course, he’s not going to say the obvious.

Some of “the obvious” would be:

  • It’s not “Democrat inflation,” it’s “US government inflation”
  • The Republicans under Trump printed money at the same rate as Biden has so far
  • There was no possible way to shut down the entire society with a virus hoax and not create massive inflation
  • The inflation rate is already completely out of control
  • This is going to lead to hyperinflation
  • This is going to collapse the global economy

Instead of any of that, he said “hur-dur, single mommy pay more for coffee, Joe Biden so stupid man.”

I mean, I don’t expect him to say “GOOGLE WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM EVENT 201 – THIS IS THE GREAT RESET!” But mentioning inflation without any meaningful context is just as pointless as everything else he has ever said.

Nonetheless, his tweet was censored by Twitter as “sensitive content.”

Hilariously, after Twitter censored one of the highest ranking politicians in the country a few months ago for talking about inflation, the CEO of Twitter this week tweeted about inflation.

Except unlike Kevin McCarthy, Jack Dorsey actually tweeted something meaningful – saying that hyperinflation is already happening.

This speaks to what I’ve said all along – @jack is not some kind of leftist lunatic, and basically probably aligns with the values of this website. I mean, I doubt he shares my beliefs 1-to-1, but I think in terms of a belief in the value of freedom, and his views on what the internet is supposed to be, his personal inclinations are about the same as mine.

Remember that he went on Joe Rogan and didn’t even know that Alex Jones had been banned. Basically, he got a bunch of really heavy pressure on him, and he cracked. Then he turned into a weird freak, went to meditate in Burma, and now every time you see him he looks like he’s on quaaludes.

I think he just didn’t have the strength of character to push back when these people came in and started threatening him.

I mean, he’s going around now saying he’s going to make a new social media company that isn’t censored. Like bro, you had that until 2015. If you want an uncensored social media company, just unban everyone and tell the ADL they’re just going to have to deal with it.

But he won’t do that.

He is, however, helping out with our cryptocurrency agenda. So as miserably weak and pathetic of a worm as he is, he’s apparently doing all he’s able to do in order to promote the original idea of the internet.

The legitimately weird freak Chris Hayes (a man who is much more weird than Dorsey could be, even after having his soul crushed and going on a devastating White Buddhism Drug Quest) cryptically attacked Dorsey for commenting on the coming inflation.

After being asked about the meaning of his cryptic tweet, Hayes did “why, I’m glad you asked” (I’m sure he thought this was very clever – that is the depth of these people).

He said that Dorsey is a crypto shill and brought up ivermectin.

In so many words, by bringing up the horse paste, he’s signaling that he’s placing him in the category of Joe Rogan – a right-winger with heavy leftist tendencies (or the reverse) – a sort of person who used to be fine a couple years ago but is now a grave threat to Our Democracy Values.

Others attacked him, with a smug liberal telling him he just doesn’t understand that actually, printing trillions of dollars doesn’t cause inflation. The guy wheelhoused poor old @jack.

Jack responded to someone else who was attacking him.

Coming hyperinflation is not a matter of opinion – it is a matter of fact.

We are already to the place where the government is printing money to make up for the fact that it printed too much money. That is: the process of hyperinflation has already begun. It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks or what anyone wants.

It is already happening.

But of course, according to liberals, you’re not allowed to talk about it happening, because that is an attack on the Democrat Party, which is an attack on democracy, which is an attack on our values and who we are.

I guess it is right-wing, simply because it is acknowledging reality. But that is the only context in which it is right-wing.

Crypto itself is much more right-wing, as it implies economic freedom. Liberals obviously want every aspect of people’s lives controlled by a mommy government.

Jack is probably going to start moderating his language more moving forward. Given how easily he surrendered his website to nagging Jews, I would not be surprised if he would surrender his entire passion for crypto as well, if he was nagged and otherwise emotionally manipulated by the Jews.

So he needs to fly under their radar.

Kevin McCarthy and Jack Dorsey are both examples of completely ridiculous and non-serious people who are incredibly powerful in a completely ridiculous and non-serious country.

The issue of inflation is a serious issue, which cannot be addressed seriously in this country.

McCarthy and Dorsey talking about inflation is like a couple of rats looking up in awe at a collapsing skyscraper about to fall onto them.

One rat says “now see, this is the kind of thing I’ve been talking about,” and the other one says, “oh, boy, that’s a big smasher.”

Chris Hayes is like a cockroach who sees the rats looking up at the skyscraper, which will fall and crush all of them in a matter of seconds, and says “hey, you two – stop looking up there!”

This is on purpose. Understand that. There was no way to solve the debt problem, so the global financial system had to default, and they are defaulting via inflation, which means hyperinflation.

This is a “Great Reset,” where the financial system will be wiped out, and they will implement a new economic order, globally. At least, that is the plan. The problem is, you would have a very hard time finding a single serious person among those planning this.

If you then consider that these people are trying to start a war with Russia and China, while trying to lock down the country and force-vaccinate everyone, at the same time that they are in the process of trying to manage a controlled implosion of the US dollar – this is something where you would need a whole helluva lot of ultra-competent people to pull it off. I’m not seeing a lot of competent people around these parts.

You would also need those competent people organized meticulously, and it is incredibly difficult to organize this, since none of it can be discussed in a straightforward manner. So, you have the basic understanding of the agenda among liberals. Chris Hayes knows that talking about hyperinflation is like talking about ivermectin – you’re not supposed to do it, because it is very naughty. But Chris Hayes doesn’t understand what I’m laying out right now.

Virtually none of the people tasked with implementing this agenda even understand what the agenda is. Some of them might still believe in some vague notion of “democracy” and “equality.” Some of them are no doubt at the level where they understand that this is an authoritarian agenda, with some grand stated goal of saving the planet from humanity. But as far as this utterly bizarre agenda to collapse all economies, create a global slave caste ruled over by a tiny elite minority, and then use genetic engineering and other emerging technologies to allow the elite to live forever and to turn the masses of peasants into more obedient slaves – the number of people who understand that, outside of those who read this website, is very small.

So you have extremely incompetent people trying to implement an extremely complicated agenda they do not understand.

I hear people saying “I don’t think the elite would just let everything fall apart.” But at this point, what else can happen?

Maybe if they’d already subdued China, they could collapse the Western world, and it wouldn’t really make much of a difference if they did a really sloppy job of it. But China exists, it’s a serious country with over a billion serious people. Starting a war with China in the middle of collapsing the economy and completely undermining the basic fabric of society is something that just simply cannot end well.