Hyperborean Kingdom: Lasers Reveal 60,000 Ancient “Mayan” Structures in Guatemala

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 29, 2018

What I am telling you is that there was an ancient age of Aryan Gods and Kings that existed before recorded history and ruled the planet.

Every single new archaeological discovery points to this.

It certainly makes a whole helluva lot more sense than claiming that these thousands upon thousands (untold thousands) of years old structures were built by people who, in the modern technological age, cannot even run a goddamn cockfight without cheating players out of their winnings.

And they can’t run the cockfight AFTER being half-bleached by Spanish and having 40-60% white DNA.

But when they were pure brown apes, they built all this…?


The largest-ever survey of a region from the Maya civilization has located over 60,000 previously unknown structures in northern Guatemala. The survey, conducted with the help of lasers, challenges long-held assumptions that this area was poorly connected and sparsely populated.

The structures researchers identified include farms, houses and defensive fortifications, as well as 60 miles of causeways, roads and canals connecting large cities across the civilization’s central lowlands. Sarah Parcak, an archaeologist who uses satellite technology, had this reaction on Twitter when preliminary images became public: “This is HOLY [expletive] territory.” (Parcak was not involved with this study).

The ancient Maya civilization stretched from southern Mexico down to Guatemala and Belize, flourishing between 1000 B.C. and 1500 A.D. The recent study focused on 830 square miles of the Maya Biosphere Reserve in Petén, Guatemala. Scientists used a laser technology called lidar, or light detection and ranging, to penetrate the thick tree canopies in the area and discover archaeological remains beneath them.

It is probably much older than that.

The Ġgantija temples in Malta – also very old.

They have no idea and they just base these numbers on other numbers that they made up out of nowhere, or based on some pot they dug up somewhere.

Lidar can point researchers in the right direction, but it doesn’t find everything under the trees. That’s why researchers also needed to excavate areas where lidar identified ancient structures. The Washington Post reports that “the lidar analysis was conservative—[researchers] found the predicted structures, and then some.”

Past archaeologists believed the central Maya lowlands in northern Guatemala consisted of small, disconnected city-states ruled by warring elites. More recently, archaeologists have theorized that the area was more interconnected and densely populated that originally assumed.

“Even though the latter view has been ascendant in recent years, the absence of regional data has left the debate unresolved,” write the researchers in an article about their study published this week in Science. Now, they write that their research provides “robust support” for the view that the central lowlands had a complex structure and supported a large population.

“Every Maya city was bigger and more populated than we previously thought,” archaeologist Francisco Estrada-Belli, one of the study’s authors, told Science News.

Cities. Note that word. Cities.

They don’t even have cities in Guatemala now. They have to flee their farms to try to break into America to live on welfare – why are they doing that if they used to be able to build cities?

It’s absolute nonsense.

At best, these people were a slave class of the ancient Aryan Hyperborean elite, who ruled the planet and built might stone structures across the entire globe.

These are being discovered constantly now, and I have no doubt that the bottom of the ocean is flooded with them.

But none of this is getting properly researched. Partly because Jews want to cover it up, and partly because all of these people involved in archaeology and history have committed their entire lives to obvious lies.

We need our young readers to get involved in archaeology at university and start taking over these departments and pushing a Hyperborean agenda.

Someone has to figure this shit out.

Because once it is figured out, people are going to be forced to take an entirely different approach to how they view life, the universe and everything in it.

God exists and he put us here for some purpose and that is something we are just going to have to deal with.

You are being lied to when you are told by the Jews that you exist solely to make money and buy things and maybe have a little bit of sex. Your purpose here is something much deeper.

Assuming you are a human, and not an NPC, and if you are reading this I assume you are human.

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