HydeWars #005 – Moving Through Seasons

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 11, 2016

In the latest episode of HydeWars, our gracious General Sam sits down for a frank talk about getting fired from Adult Swim by a mob of vicious kikes.

He explains what I had speculated – that this was not the work of the Adult Swim team, run by the principled greaser Mike Lazzo, but instead a directive from the top of Turner Broadcasting, Cartoon Network’s parent company.

Sam’s show, Million Dollar Extreme Presents World Peace, had high ratings. And yet, it wasn’t allowed, due to the crusade started by Joe Bernstein of Buzzfeed, and backed up by Jews from the Atlantic and the dirty unfunny Adult Swim Jew Brett Gelman and goy cuck Tim Heidecker.

According to Hyde, who called in to Heidecker’s podcast earlier this week, the top Jew Judd Apatow was brought in to shill against World Peace.

Sam points out also that the Jew Gelman was simply using World Peace and the alleged lack of women on the network (???) as an excuse to quit the network even though he wasn’t even producing shows there – they wouldn’t buy his “Dinner in America” show because it was unfunny and uncomfortable.

Here’s a clip from that, in case you’re wondering about it.

Sam points out that up until now, Adult Swim has, overall, remained non-politicized and just focused on producing things that were funny for the sake of being funny, and that what they actually did with World Peace was project politicization onto it where there was none.

Sam himself may or may not be political, but the show itself was just pointing out funny things about modern society. And Bernstein had the nerve to claim that it was actually a Nazi show with hidden swastikas, wew.

It was definitely comedy that people in the Alt-Right could understand, but that wasn’t necessarily due to overt political undertones, but instead, the fact that there weren’t any overt political undertones. I would wager that the overwhelming majority of millenials now in the Alt-Right also liked Sealab 2021 and Aqua Teen Hunger Force, as well as even that weird stuff Heidecker used to do.

So that is the point I think that he is trying to make in HydeWars episode five – that a lack of political undertones.

The kike-SJWs used the controversy created by the Jews surrounding MDE to get their door, so they can now totally transform the last bastion of relatively unpoliticized entertainment into unfunny, bullying, anti-white spam.

I watched Adult Swim on the reg up until relatively recently. The first show I remember having some political messaging was Children’s Hospital, but it was still making fun of Jews, cripples and women.

The only one I watch now is Rick and Morty, which is pretty much the only show on TV worth watching now that MDE is canceled.

Ah well.

In all honesty, I think HydeWars is already better than World Peace. But yeah, it does suck having no money or hope for a real career because you’ve been politically persecuted by a mob of kikes.

I most assuredly know that feel.


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