Husband Thanks Wife for Giving Up Her Career to Raise Their Kids, Twitter Women Lose Their Minds

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
February 14, 2020

Gentleman Donald Sylvester and his wife.

Your wife may or may not take issue with you trying to be nice to her, but other women definitely will.

Daily Mail:

The sound editor who won an Oscar for his work on Ford v Ferrari sparked controversy when he thanked his wife for giving up her own film career to raise their children during his acceptance speech.

Donald Sylvester opened his speech on the Oscar stage Sunday night by thanking his colleagues before mentioning his family.

‘The real support comes from home, so I want to thank my wonderful wife of 34 years who gave up her editing career for me to pursue my career,’ he said as audience applause suddenly stopped.

A camera in the audience that was fixated on his elated wife Penny Shaw Sylvester showed the moment a woman sitting behind her abruptly stopped clapping when he made that comment.

Donald then added: ‘But she raised our kids and she did a great job because neither one of them are politicians,’ drawing a small laugh from the crowd.

Viewers quickly seized on the remark on Twitter. 

‘Brava women heroes, sacrificing careers so white men can do what they want & not raise the kids,’ one user wrote.

It’s already 2020 and men are still not raising the kids!

After more than a hundred years of feminism, men are still not obeying women!

‘Donald Sylvester winning an Oscar and thanking his wife for giving up her career so he could have a successful career makes my heart hurt for all the women who do that for men that casually squander the opportunity or never succeed at all,’ another added. 

If Donald Sylvester’s wife hadn’t given up her editing career for him, would she be on the Oscar stage tonight?‘ a third asked.

No, she’d probably be a childless old whore.

And Cindy Gallop wrote that Sylvester’s speech ‘celebrates the old old story’ and said that ‘In the future we want lots of women onstage thanking their husbands for doing the same thing.’

Penny addressed the controversy after it was brought to her attention by a reporter for the Deseret News, calling the outraged comments ‘ridiculous’.

It was never proven that a woman can do anything that a man can do, and it was never proven that a woman can do something actually better than a man.

This whole “now it’s her turn” thing is a childish response to a childish proposition made by childish creatures.

We should be forcing women to do whatever we want them to do, not listening to their dead-end ramblings.

‘For anybody to criticize makes me extremely angry, because they know nothing about my life or my family and the choices we’ve had to make,’ she said.

Penny explained that she decided to quit working full time because one of her children, who are now 30 and 25 years old, had special needs and required extra care.

‘I was paying someone to take care of my special-needs child and I realized they couldn’t do it as well as I could. Nobody knows a child as well as the parents do,’ she said.

She emphasized that while she did abandon her editing career, she didn’t quit work altogether.

‘To say that I don’t work is absolutely ludicrous, but what I did do is leave the entertainment industry,’ she said, noting how she became active in the local school district’s special education programs.

She said she has no regrets over stepping away from film editing, a decision she made on her own, and said she is blessed to have a ‘very rich, fulfilled life’.

I love what I do, I love working with the schools, and I love helping children and helping our community, which I think is so much more productive than just cutting a film,’ she said.

I live in the real world. And I help real people.’

Okay woman, but you didn’t need to shit on your husband’s job in order to get the point across.

“Oh, look at me, I’m a woman and I do actual work with actual people in the realm of reality, unlike my husband.”

See, this is the nature of women.

Even when they try to defend you, they attack you.

These creatures are nothing more than glorified womb transportation devices. They were never intended to navigate reality.

If we don’t rule over them, demons will rule over all of us.