Hurricane Florence: Millions Die After Getting Wet with Water

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 15, 2018

  • Inland hurricane Sharks run wild throughout region, eating tens of thousands of people
  • Hurricane triggers series of nuclear power plant explosions, creating state wide nuclear fallout radius

Those are the headlines I expected to read after hearing about this rain storm for TWO WEEKS.

Turns out, there were no land sharks, no nuclear power plant explosions, and no humans died – just a few coloreds [citation needed].

They haven’t actually released the identities of all of the dead, but I just assume they’re black, because who the hell else dies from getting wet?


White people are immune to water, due to either Human Biodiversity or white privilege.

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Gepostet von Lane Pittman am Freitag, 7. Oktober 2016

What a piece of shit news item this is.

Look at this – they are openly faking it with like, some slapstick physical comedy shit.

The Weather Channel’s IRL reply to that was that their dude was standing in wet grass while the guys in the background were walking on concrete. Does wind blow faster over grass? If so, why didn’t the reporter move over 3 feet to the concrete? Is it Weather Channel policy to tell their reporters to take the least secure possible footing while on air?

I’m so sick of this fake weather news bullshit.

The storm was downgraded from a “hurricane” to a “tropical storm” as soon as it hit land. As they always are. And then they’re like “oh but people are still getting realllll wet.”

Natural disaster reporting is the most shameless bullshit in the news. Actually, it isn’t – but it is the most obviously shameless. They just purposefully, aggressively sensationalize thunder storms in order to get clicks and have people with their TVs on watching that animated storm movement thing.

I won’t be surprised if they wait a few months and then literally start claiming that millions of black people died in this rain storm and no one knew about it at the time but it’s Donald Trump’s fault.

At least Trump is making use of the hype around this Florence hoax to call out the hoax that was the Puerto Rico weather storms.

In related news, he also took the opportunity last night to call Obama a dumb nigger.

Obama is in the game now ahead of the midterms, so hopefully he takes the bait.

Trump is like “nigger, you said you wanted to play a game – let’s play a motherfucking game.”

I hope he is going to just start dropping the nigger-bait on Twitter nonstop now.

I don’t think I’m gonna have to do much hoping.

And even if Obama is not as dumb a bait-gobbler as the Potato Lords O’Comey and O’Brennan, he won’t be able to resist it forever.

I want some shit like “I might not know how many states there are, but at least I love the people in each and every one of however many there are – regardless of their religion, sexual orientation or color of their skin. Unlike Drumpf, who hates everyone who is different. There was a time in this nation where we valued love and compassion more than mathematical equations, and it sometimes feels like those days are over. It’s time for this country to return to the original values of diversity, inclusion and vibrancy, in however many states there might be.”