Huntsville Mongrel Charged with Killing White Veteran in Vehicle Crash

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
January 30, 2019

Jerome Leon Leslie.

Yet another white man killed at the prime of his life because these baboons don’t know how to drive in a straight line.

When are people going to realize that all darkies (including white women, who are honorary darkies) don’t belong anywhere near a steering wheel?


The Madison County District Attorney’s Office confirms 39-year-old Jerome Leon Leslie was booked on a murder charge stemming from a fatal motorcycle crash two years ago.

In September 2017, Leslie hit and killed 33-year-old motorcyclist Ronald Creech II of Toney on Triana Boulevard at Village Drive.

Creech died from injuries sustained in the accident at the hospital. Leslie was uninjured.

According to the Madison County jail website, Leslie was released early Wednesday morning.

He has faced six prior traffic offenses, with four guilty pleas to charges including operating a vehicle without insurance and speeding.

Creech’s father, Ronald Creech I, said the arrest is only a small relief.

“Won’t be a full release ever, but it would be more relief once we know he’s been found guilty and he goes to prison,” he said.

Ronald Creech.