Hunter Biden Email Scandal is Out of Control, Points to Massive FBI Cover-Up

Crack-smoking, hooker-impregnating, Jew-marrying international crime lord Hunter Biden pictured wearing a Jew Kabbalah red string, plotting his next heist

The Joe Biden campaign is not making a serious attempt to deny the emails that were released by the New York Post, showing yet more pay-to-play corruption in the Biden family, carried out by his crack-smoking son, Hunter.

The emails were from a hard drive on a computer that was dropped off at a repair shop in Delaware and never picked up. The computer was seized by the FBI, but the shop owner kept a copy of the contents of the drive, and has released them to the Post, which is publishing them in batches. They confirm the very worst about the scandals that the Biden family has been accused of.

The first batch contained information about a dirty deal that Hunter Biden did with the Chinese.

The Post has since released a second batch, which is even worse. It shows the Ukrainian deals, and shows that while working for Burisma, Hunter got the Ukrainians in touch with his father, the then Vice President of America.

You’ll recall that Hunter was put on the board of the Ukrainian energy company after Barack Obama funded a violent revolution in the country. Joe Biden, at a date after the meeting that is mentioned in these emails, used his power as Vice President to pressure the government of the Ukraine to fire the prosecutor who was investigating Burisma.

The Post also obtained sex videos of Hunter, and videos of him smoking crack. They didn’t publish the sex vids, but here’s a still of a video of Biden smoking crack in bed:

Crack pipes get very hot and that is a serious fire hazard.

Where would the Post get these videos of the man smoking crack, if not from a private device? The Biden campaign is vaguely claiming the emails are fake, but what about the photos?

More concerning than the fact that the Biden campaign isn’t responding, however, is the fact that the FBI isn’t responding. More concerning than that is that the FBI had all of these emails, and knew about the Biden scandal, long before the Post article was published, but never bothered to open an investigation.

The Post has copies of documents showing that the FBI seized this hard drive.

The FBI are the private police force of the Democrats. This is known, and has been known. They ran the entire Russia hoax, claiming that it was necessary to investigate Donald Trump as a Russian agent, even whilst they knew that all of the evidence was faked by Hillary Clinton.

They are not even really making an attempt to present themselves as impartial in the Biden email scandal.

Frankly, if Trump remains in office, the very first thing he needs to do is shut down the FBI. This is a terrorist organization that is operating with impunity in our country for the purpose of undermining the people and the sovereignty of the nation.

While the likes of Ben Sasse are focused on attempting to undermine Trump’s reelection campaign, at least one Republican Senator is attempting to get some justice for the American people, who have been subjected to this endless conspiracy.

Fox News:

Sen. Ron Johnson is calling on FBI Director Christopher Wray to confirm or deny details regarding a laptop said to have belonged to Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden.

Johnson, R-Wis., said in a letter to Wray obtained by Fox News that a whistleblower contacted his committee on September 24, claiming to possess a laptop that Hunter Biden left at his business, and that he had turned it over to the FBI. Johnson noted that staff immediately asked the FBI to confirm certain details in order to validate the claim, but the bureau said they would not confirm or deny any of the information included in their request.

“The FBI has a duty to inform us. If they believe this was maybe Russian disinformation, they should give us a defensive briefing,” Johnson told “Sunday Morning Futures.” “If, for example, they also believe that what information this whistleblower gave us is fraudulent, that would also be a crime, and FBI should tell us that.”

Johnson is chair of the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs.

Johnson said his questions about what the FBI knew about Hunter Biden and when they knew it speaks to a “larger issue.”

Why did they sit on it? Are they covering up just because Hunter Biden might be engaged in things that also maybe should have been investigated and possibly prosecuted? Do we have two systems of justice: one for Democrats and one for Republicans? One for the well-connected versus one for the rest of the Americans?” he asked.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, Johnson – cool it with the anti-Semitic remarks!

Johnson added that he found the Biden campaign’s response to claims that alleged Hunter Biden’s emails show his father met with a Burisma executive “pretty odd.”

“The Biden campaign, all they’ve done to refute or deny any of this is to say that the meeting one of these emails revealed that Vice President Biden had with the No. 3 in control of Burisma never showed up on his official calendar,” Johnson said. “There’s all kinds of meetings that didn’t show up on his official calendar. This wouldn’t surprise me if this one didn’t.

Yes, the old, “no, I didn’t commit that crime because it wasn’t on my calendar” excuse.

A frighteningly successful stratagem.

“I have a responsibility to validate and verify the contents of any information produced to my committee,” Johnson said in his letter. “The committee must know if it receives information that could be fraudulent or not accurate.”

Johnson mentioned the possibility that the information could be the result of foreign election interference, in which case a defensive briefing would be appropriate. He also acknowledged that if the whistleblower knowingly provided false information, that could be a crime.

Yes, obviously, if the guy who provided these emails faked them, he could go to prison for a serious amount of time.

Which brings up the obvious question: if these emails are fake, then why is the Biden campaign not going nuts, telling the FBI to investigate the whistleblower?

Sigh. We all know the emails are real. The Democrats all know they’re real. The FBI not only knows they’re real, but had their own copies of them before.

Everyone knows what’s going on here.

“For these reasons, the committee must know whether the FBI has assessed the validity of materials the whistleblower has provided, and what, if any, actions the FBI has taken since obtaining this information,” Johnson continued.

The letter included a series of questions Johnson would like the FBI to answer regarding the laptop, including whether the FBI does indeed “possess material from Hunter Biden’s laptop,” and, if so, when and how they acquired it, whether the FBI has determined whether the records on the computer are genuine or were altered at all, whether they determined whether the records were authored by Hunter Biden, or if there is evidence that the computer had been hacked.

Johnson asked the FBI to respond with answers to his questions no later than October 22.

Fox News reached out to the FBI for comment but the bureau did not immediately respond.

The FBI, like everyone else, is attempting to run out the clock.

They think they can get Trump out of office, and then just bury all of these dead bodies that are presently floating around in the media.

Right here, with this Hunter Biden scandal, you have reason enough for the FBI to aggressively attempt to have Trump removed from office. They will absolutely side with the Biden campaign, and if the Democrats tell them to remove Trump from office, they will try to do so.

William Barr obviously isn’t going to help Trump.

Donald Trump needs to be ready to use the military. He is going to need the military. He needs to be ready to tell the officers in the military to act to defend him and defend this country from this conspiracy to take it over. The FBI and the Justice Department are, and have been from the beginning, at the root of this conspiracy.