Hungary’s Orban: “Vax or Death” for Anti-Vaxers

This guy can rot in hell.

I don’t care what he said about Moslems or George Soros. None of that matters anymore. There is only one issue that matters, and that is the vax, and anyone who is on the wrong side of that issue is worthless.


Vaccination of all Hungarian citizens against Covid-19 is inevitable, PM Viktor Orban has said, stating that even the most hardline anti-vaxxers will ultimately face a choice between dying with the virus and getting a jab.

Speaking to Kossuth radio on Friday, the Hungarian leader lashed out at those reluctant to get vaccinated against coronavirus, branding them a threat “not only to themselves but to all others.”

“In the end, everyone will have to be vaccinated; even the anti-vaxxers will realize that they will either get vaccinated or die. So, I urge everyone to take this opportunity.”

Is this a threat?

No one is going to die from not taking the vax, and I don’t think even The Science makes that argument – The Science says that the unvaxed will kill the vaxed.

The EU member state is currently experiencing its fourth wave of coronavirus, Orban stated, blaming the situation on those who had not got vaccinated. “If everybody were inoculated, there would be no fourth wave or it would be just a small one,” the PM claimed.

Apart from urging the unvaccinated to go and finally get their jabs, Orban also promoted booster shots, revealing that he had already taken three doses of a coronavirus vaccine.

“The only thing that protects us from the virus is vaccination. And we are now also seeing, at least the experts are unanimous in saying, that four to six months after the second vaccination, the protective power of the vaccine weakens. Therefore, a third vaccination is justified,” he said.

Well, if it only works for four months, that means you’re going to need shots three times a year.

That window of effectiveness keeps getting smaller, no?

I think these vaxers are going to end up with monthly shots.

You’ll recall that I’ve said Orban was a shill for years.

Now, no serious person can disagree with that.

His simple anti-left talking points are totally irrelevant, and he’s exposed for what he’s always been: a pied piper pushing the EU agenda.

I said this whole time: he always talked all this stuff about how he hates Moslems and gays or whatever, at the same time as he was pushing for the continued integration of Hungary into the EU.

I said: it doesn’t matter what he’s saying, if he’s integrating with the EU, then soon enough, Brussels is going to be making every law in Hungary.

That was his role – to distract the Hungarian people, and to some extent the rest of Eastern Europe, to make them think they could integrate into the EU and still retain their national values and identities.

I was attacked for this reasoning, despite the fact that I explained it thoroughly.

You people need to wise up and get on my level – quickly.

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