Hungary: “We’ll Build a Wall, and the EU is Gonna Pay for It”

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
September 2, 2017

It’s a big wall, a beautiful wall. It’s going to be wonderful, folks.

They said a wall wouldn’t be effective at stopping infiltrators.

They were wrong.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t Trump’s wall that demonstrated the power of putting physical obstacles in people’s way, but the Hungarian border fence.

What? FENCE is evolving! Congratulations! Your FENCE evolved into a WALL!

Hopefully, they also demonstrate the effectiveness of making your enemies pay for your shit, and Trump can move on with his plan.

Daily Caller:

Hungary wants the European Union to pay half the bill for the razor-wired fence it erected in 2015 to keep migrants out, Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s administration announced Thursday.

The fence has virtually erased illegal immigration into Hungary less than two years after it was considered the primary route for migrants attempting to enter the EU. Janos Lazar, Orban’s chief of staff, claims the 400 million euro ($476 million) figure is justified since the fence is “protecting all the citizens of Europe from the flood of illegal migrants.”

“If we talk about European solidarity, then we must also discuss the protection of borders. Solidarity must be applicable there, too,” Lazar said at a press conference. “That burden must also be shared.”

Holding off the Haji zombie plague seems like something worth being paid for.

Of course, Hungary’s actions helped defend all of Europe. But the EU is an organization hellbent on the destruction of Western civilization; they have no interest whatsoever in defending Europe’s borders, and indeed, see that as a problem.

The government moved Wednesday to extend its state of emergency until March as the “threat of terrorism in Europe has increased.” Aside from the fence, hundreds of officers have been deployed to guard the border around the clock and a number of transition zones have been set up to detain asylum seekers.

“Transition zone” as seen in the documentary World War Z.

The chances of the EU actually paying that bill is somewhere between zero and “when hell freezes over.” Viktor Orban, the leader of Hungary, likes to talk tough with the EU, but doesn’t threaten to leave the union in spite of knowing their staunch anti-border, anti-White policies.

They might consider paying that bill if Orban threatened to pull a “Hungrexit,” but ultimately his nation is a beneficiary of EU welfare policies and thus has little leverage.

At some point all of us will have to choose between momentary comfort and the survival of our race and nation.