Hungary: Soros Himself Comes Out and Complains About “Anti-Semitic” Posters of Him

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 16, 2017

The saga of the George Soros posters continues.

First, the Israeli Ambassador to Hungary said it was anti-Semitic, then Netanyahu jumped in and said it actually isn’t.

I have said that I want it to be classified as anti-Semitic, as that would an admission by the Jews that mass immigration and all of the other liberal agendas that George Soros represents are Jewish agendas and that the Jews view any criticism of these agendas as attacks on their race.

That is to say: my position is the same position as the Jews: you cannot be against mass immigration, homosexualization, feminism, Black Lives Matter or any of these other “liberal” agendas without being an anti-Semite.

I would much prefer if we were all just crystal on that point.


George Soros, the billionaire financier, has criticised an anti-immigration campaign run by the Hungarian government as “antisemitic”.

“I am distressed by the current Hungarian regime’s use of antisemitic imagery as part of its deliberate disinformation campaign,” the 86-year-old said in a rare statement.

The posters used in the media campaign show a large picture of the Hungarian-born Jewish emigre laughing, alongside the text: “Let’s not let Soros have the last laugh”, a reference to government claims that Soros wants to force Hungary to allow in migrants.


It is simply a fact.

George Soros openly funds organizations which not only politically lobby for mass immigration into Europe from the third world, but help third worlders get to Europe.

This is how the media gets you – calling it “claims” isn’t precisely a lie, because people are claiming it based on the fact that it is factually accurate. But it is a clear distortion, giving the implication that it is a baseless assertion.

Since the posters appeared on billboards and at public spaces around the country last week, as well as on television, several incidents of antisemitic graffiti such as “Stinking Jew” or Stars of David daubed on them have been reported.

Hungary’s largest Jewish organisation, Mazsihisz, has called on prime minister Viktor Orbán to stop the campaign, with its head Andras Heisler writing that the “poisonous messages harm the whole of Hungary”.

Some opposition activists and citizens have also begun taking down some of the posters from billboards.

Soros, who has dual Hungarian-American citizenship, said he was “heartened that together with countless fellow citizens the leadership of the Hungarian Jewish community” have spoken out.

Earlier on Tuesday his spokesperson Michael Vachon called the campaign “reminiscent of Europe’s darkest hours” with “clearly antisemitic overtones”.

On Friday Orbán accused Soros of being a “billionaire speculator” who wanted to use his wealth and civil groups that he supports to “settle a million migrants” in the European Union.

Orban and government officials say that Hungary has a policy of “zero tolerance” of antisemitism, and that the poster campaign is about increasing awareness of the “national security risk” posed by Soros.

Orban is a shill.

On Saturday, Israel’s ambassador in Budapest Yossi Amrani also criticised the poster campaign, saying it “evokes sad memories but also sows hatred and fear”.

But late on Sunday – reportedly at the request of prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office – Israel’s foreign ministry issued a separate “clarification” that criticism of Soros was legitimate.

Yeah, Bibi is walking it back…

He is definitely the highest agency Jew on earth. He sees where this leads.

By the way, the Israeli government also funds programs – actual government programs – to get “migrants” to Europe.