Hungary: Shitlord Journalist Decorated with Highest Honor, Jews Flip out

Daily Stormer
August 25, 2016


The Jews really hate this guy. The Feeling is mutual.

Orban is basically an opportunistic conservative. He has to placate his nation, because it is much more hardcore in it’s beliefs and attitudes than he is. If he just kept everything kosher and politically correct, he would risk being replaced by Jobbik or some other Nazi-tier party in the next election.

His media stunts may be phony, but you got to give it to him: this sure is entertaining!


More than 50 laureates of one of Hungary’s highest honors have returned their awards after Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s government decorated a journalist who’s been repeatedly censured for inciting hatred against refugees, Jews and the Roma.


Why don’t we have journalists like that here?


Instead we’re stuck with homos like Anderson Cooper, smdh.

Zsolt Bayer, a founding member of the ruling Fidesz party and a close ally of Orban, received the Order of Merit of the Knight’s Cross on the weekend for his “exemplary journalistic work,” according to the official gazette Magyar Kozlony. The recipients who returned their awards included academics, writers and actors, according to a list compiled by news website

Andras Heisler, the head of the Federation of Jewish Communities in Hungary and a previous recipient, handed back his award, saying he didn’t want to be “in the same community with a person who is racist, antisemitic, and whose display of ardent hatred for the Roma is contaminating Hungary.” The opposition Socialist Party issued a statement calling the choice of Bayer “a shame” and two other opposition parties called for the medal to be revoked.


Jew tears: refreshing and energizing.

I must say this sort of thing is very positive. By giving a great award to someone who espouses anti-Semitic and racist views, the government is completely normalizing these attitudes in the minds of the people. Now other journalists will feel pressured to “go with the flow” and reflect these same attitudes in their reporting.

Bayer has been repeatedly fined by Hungary’s media regulator for antisemitic and racist comments, including calling members of the Roma community “destructive animals” and writing that all migrants over the age of 14 are potential murderers.


Give this man a medal! Oh wait, already done.

In any case, there will come a time when all our heroes will be earning awards for “trolling kikes” and “btfo’ing SJW’s.”

Until then, we must continue our work purely out of love for our people.

And also, for the lulz.